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Reality finally gets real, and real cheap to make! On The Underbelly Of Paradise!
CNT Announcer

The Underbelly Of Paradise is a TV show in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


Steve Haines: "Now, the LSPD have had many run-ins with various family sets over the years. With the Ballas, the FIB take a more community outreach approach. Hey guys! Stay out of trouble now!"
Ballas gangster: "Suck my dick, Steve fucking Haines!"
A Ballas gang member to Steve Haines.

The show airs on CNT and follows FIB agent Steve Haines as he explores the criminal underworld in Los Santos.

Some of the stories featured include:

If the player chooses to kill Haines, fellow FIB agent Dave Norton replaces him as the show's host, though no episodes by him appear in the game.

Show Credits

Executive Producers Supervising Producer Producer Director Writers
Harold L. Finkelstein Glenda Goldman Saul Eicherschmidt Roddy Greenberg William Jackowski
Steve Haines Sandra T. Ross
Production Coordinator Cameras Line Producer Editor Production Coordinators Grips Production Assistants Special Thanks to
Mary Gerblonski Bryan Thananberg Barry Ezekiel Ira Woo Jordan Rodriguez Tanya Palumbowitz Joey Pateskins Los Santos Police Dept.
Eddie Rosenswag Donny Berg Mikey Shiba Jonny Willis Blain County Film Society



The Underbelly of Paradise – Full Program


The show seems to parody many police and crime reality shows, such as World's Wildest Police Videos and Gangland.

At one point, a man is holding up a sign that reads "Down with this sort of thing", which is a reference to a similar scene in the Irish sitcom Father Ted.