The Twins are two women that appear in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The twins are heavily featured in artwork promoting the game. One is on the cover of the game box art as well as the game disc, and in loading screens of the 10th Anniversary edition. They are featured in the original Playstation 2 game manual[1], on the front cover inside the "C" and "E" in "VICE" and again in the "Y" in "CITY" and on the back cover standing behind Ricardo Diaz being referred to as Diaz' companions known only as "the twins"[2], although they never appear in the game with him.

One of them makes an appearance in a short cutscene in the back room of the Pole Position strip club as a stripper, after the player first spends $300 on a dance.

The other twin appears as a bartender at the Malibu Club after Tommy Vercetti purchases the club.

Although they wear pink (white in 10th Anniversary artwork) bikinis in concept artwork, in the game they both wear stripper outfits[3] consisting of: cowboy hats, boots, pasties, thongs and strings holding money around their thighs.

A twin was featured in the official Rockstar Games The Lab (Part 1) flash animation where a voice actress was used to respond like a stripper to the reader when they hovered the mouse over her artwork.

Their artwork likeness is reused in the HD Universe. In Grand Theft Auto IV she appears in the tribute graffiti on the wall of the Paint One Building. In Grand Theft Auto V, she is used to advertise The Directors Cut Hair Salon. In Grand Theft Auto Online, the player can purchase an artwork for their Master Penthouse depicting a twin.



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