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An unnamed truck driver appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto IV. He was a member of the Liberty City Triads. He only appears in the mission Truck Hustle.

Events of GTA IV

He is the last Triad to die in Truck Hustle. After the gunfight, in which all the other Triads were killed by Niko, he ran to the Mule, which was loaded with heroin. Niko failed to reach the cabin door on foot as the truck driver began his last ditch effort to protect the heroin. However, Niko manages to grab the back of the Mule, eventually pulling himself onto the top unbeknownst to the truck driver.

Niko's strength was tested as the truck driver used the winding turns of Alderney to push and pull Niko around the top of the truck. Niko eventually reached the truck cab and kicked open the passenger side window, propelling himself inside the truck. Understandably shocked, the truck driver attempted to fight off Niko as the truck began to swerve. Battling for control of the fight and of the truck, Niko ultimately turned his own pistol against him, firing one shot through the truck driver's head, killing him instantly. Niko then unceremoniously kicked him out of the Mule and took the Mule and its heroin for Phil Bell and the Pegorino Crime Family.

Mission Appearances


  • He cannot be killed outside of the cutscene.