The Triangle Club is a strip club located in Northern Gardens, Bohan, in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The club was owned by Dwayne Forge before he went to prison. However, after he was arrested, the club was taken over and by 2008, it is managed by the Trunchez brothers, Javier, Jose and Jesus, who are business associates of Playboy X.

The club features two stages with poles where girls dance and a back room where the player may receive lap dances. Behind one stage there is a changing room with a pistol and a Health pick up. However, if the player enters this room, the dancers and clients will flee and the guards will attack him. There is also a shotgun in the room to the left of the entrance.

The radio station that plays inside the club is The Vibe 98.8, however, in Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, it is changed to Electro-Choc (The Crookers mix). The private room music is also changed, featuring songs from Vice City FM.

As Dwayne Forge describes: it is "a real classy place". The club have already been visited by famous internet mogul Tony McTony (who severely beat one of their strippers during sex), as well as DJ Green Lantern and the cast of America's Next Top Hooker, both part of commercial promotions.

It is one of Niko Bellic's options for outings with friends or by himself. It is also one of only two strips clubs accessible to the player (the other being the Honkers Gentlemen's Club in Alderney).

It's possible that the club is based on the Sin City Cabaret Club, a famous strip club in The Bronx, NY.

Prominent appearances

The Triangle Club is the setting of the Mission, "Undress to Kill". In this mission, Niko Bellic offers to ambush the Triangle Club and kill the managers for Dwayne Forge. After Niko returns ownership of the club to Dwayne, he becomes grateful to Niko. However, since the Trunchez brothers were associates of Playboy X, he becomes angry at Niko after this mission.



  • "Triangle" is a slang term for vagina.
  • If the player walks next to the changing room or near it, the strippers will still run out, but the security guards will not attack the player.
  • The building that the strip club is based in is presumably a refurbished series of commercial/industrial buildings, on which painted signage from its previous owners are still visible, albeit faded. The signs include "Discount Wholesale (est. 1899)", "Richard Bros." and "You'll like our finest ointment and cure all creme! It's Hana's Relief, try it!" (a pun on the sexual act of a handjob).
  • In Undress to Kill, since the Trunchez Brothers are killed, the club is returned to Dwayne. However, it is unknown who assumes ownership of the club if Dwayne is killed in The Holland Play.
  • Both the neon signage on the side of the building, and the pole mounted sign resemble the lower half of a female torso (just below the breast line, which is formed by the upper part of the sign) and the upper thigh area (formed by the lower part of the sign). On both sets of signage, there is a triangle situated around the 'groin' area which denotes a manicured area of pubic hair. Note that this area of 'pubic hair' on the signs is identically shaped to the Triangle Club's official logo. This proves that the Triangle reference is, in fact, cued to a given style of the female genitals.
  • The dances at the Triangle Club are slightly more intricate than the ones at the Honkers Gentlemen's Club. The woman there use the poles more often and in an acrobatic fashion. The reason for this is unknown, but the building's larger layout may contribute to this.
  • In TBoGT, if the player is attacking the FDLC building down the hill from the strip club, guards from the strip club will come attack the player along with the Police.
  • In the beta version of GTA IV the logo was different, however in Chinatown Wars it remains the same as it was in the early versions of GTA IV.


  • The security guard outside of the club will often go out of his way to attack the player far away from the club, should the player fire a weapon or get into fights with local gang members.