The Tow Job is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, given to protagonist Huang Lee by Personal Investigator Wade Heston from the Bohan Industrial district of Bohan, Liberty City.


Mission Brief

Wade wants some Korean gangbanger in jail. His car is being towed. He wants you to steal the car and then cause some carnage. After that he wants you to park it outside the police station and run off, then the Korean can be framed for the crime.


Make sure you have plenty of SMG ammo and a few Molotov Cocktails. First off take the nearby car and drive to your destination. You will see a Recovery (flatbed Tow Truck) with the Korean's car on the back. Shoot the tow truck until the driver runs out, you can also ram it to oblivion but its easier just to shoot. Waste the driver. Then go to the indicated position on the side of the truck and play a minigame where you must turn the winch to lower the vehicle. Once it is lowered get in the vehicle. Now you need to get a two star wanted level. Throw some molotovs at cars, pedestrians and anything that moves to get a two star wanted level. Once it has been obtained you need to head to the police station and park it outside. Then the mission is complete.


There is no monetery reward for this mission, however the next mission, The Tail Bagging the Dogs, is unlocked.


  • The mission name is a play on the sexual act of a blowjob.

Mission Replay description

"Heston's full of shit. Seriously. He's convinced the Midtown Gangsters stole Yu Jian, and he wants to get their attention.

He planted drugs in one of their cars, and got me to make sure the cops found it. The sooner this loser forgets about me the better."

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