The Tongs (堂) are a Chinese crime family mentioned several times by the Triads in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


Not much is know about the Tongs, they are mentioned multiple times through the events of Chinatown Wars, but they never make a physical appearance. They appear to be a council or a very important gang, as representatives of each gangs within the Triads, mention that the Tongs have a great influence on the choosing of the new Triad boss in Liberty City.

Events of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Chan Jaoming told Huang Lee in the mission Pimp His Ride that the Tongs favored Zhou Ming, and that to get them to help Chan, he had to win a race impressing them.

Later in the game, in Raw Deal, Chan was about to make a drug deal with the Spanish Lords, to broker peace between them and the Triads in an attempt to impress the Tongs, but he was deceived, and ambushed by the Spanish Lords.

The Triad boss, Hsin Jaoming then had to swear an oath to them "The traitor (the rat working with the FIB to take down the Triads) would be killed no matter whom he was found to be".

Later, Kenny Lee then gave Hsin the files refering to both Zhou and Chan as the rats, and Wu being named as the new boss sent Huang to kill them (Hit from the Tong and Clear the Pier). After Huang eliminates them both, it turns out that Kenny was the real rat.


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