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The events of this mission have been officially confirmed to be non-canon to the storyline, and the events featured do not relate to the series and therefore didn't happen.
For the canonical ending of Grand Theft Auto V, see The Third Way (Option C).

The fuck is this? Y... You? You came here to fuckin' clip me? You? Fuck!
Michael De Santa

The Time's Come is one of three possible final missions and one of the 2 non-canon endings[1] of Grand Theft Auto V. The mission is triggered if Franklin chooses option B (Kill Michael).


Steve Haines and Dave Norton previously tasked Franklin with killing Trevor Philips, due to him being a liability, despite having saved both of them. Later, Devin Weston shows up at Franklin's house and tells Franklin to kill Michael De Santa, due to him also being a liability, for Molly's death and his failure to kill his family. Devin gives Franklin three choices, which appear on his phone as follows: Kill Trevor (A), Kill Michael (B), or Deathwish (C).

Choosing Choice B commences this mission and has Franklin call Michael to talk "somewhere quiet". Franklin also calls Trevor to see if he can help him kill Michael, but Trevor refuses to help, furious at Franklin's intent to betray Michael and declaring that he has had enough traitors in his life; before hanging up, he tells Franklin that he and Michael "deserve each other". Franklin meets Michael in a field of satellite dishes off Route 68 outside of Los Santos, where Michael reflects that through their partnership, Michael has developed a stronger bond with his family and he's in his dream job, and he is also announced through a phone call that Tracey made it into college. Franklin then attempts to ease his choice in by reflecting upon their experiences and telling him that he likes him and he risked everything for him, but Michael quickly realizes he is sent to kill him and gets into his car with Franklin shooting at him, beginning a chase along the railway lines.

The chase leads into the Palmer-Taylor Power Station, where Franklin chases Michael up the scaffolding to one of the chimney walkways after several shoot-outs. Michael expresses his disappointment towards his choice, claiming that Franklin was "like a son to him". They both then begin a small scuffle, with Michael showing anger and sadness at his decision and reflects on how he was the only decent person to him, while Franklin counters it by saying he was only ever Michael's "bitch". Shortly after, Franklin pushes Michael back, causing him to fall over the rail and is only held by Franklin. Franklin then starts to regret his decisions, but Michael objects and wishes he killed him before. Franklin can either pull Michael up or drop him to his death, however if he decides to pull Michael up, Michael will headbutt Franklin forcing him to lose his grip. Either way, Michael falls to his death, dying instantly once he hits the ground.

Afterwards, Franklin calls Lamar but ends up with his voicemail, regretting the decision he just made by the way he quotes Michael. Now resigned to the fact that he will never be more than a "hustler" and is back where he started at the beginning of the game, Franklin walks away from the power station as the credits begin rolling.


Mission Objectives

  • Chase Michael.
  • Go to Michael's last known location.
  • Drop or save Michael.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Surpassed the Mentor - Kill Michael


This section/page depicts all cutscenes and dialogues in the mission "The Time's Come" in Grand Theft Auto V.

Franklin phones Michael.
(Voice only):
Hey, kid. How you doing?
Franklin: Shit, not too good, dog. Look, man, we need to talk, but somewhere quiet.
(Voice only):
Alright, listen, let's take a drive out of town. You and me, we'll meet off Route 68, by that field of satellite dishes.
Franklin: All the way out there? Yeah, alright, man. Sure.
Franklin hangs up, and after a while he phones Trevor.
(Voice only):
Franklin: Eh, T, man. I'm in trouble, dog. I think I got to take out Michael.
(Voice only):
Got to?
Franklin: Yeah, man, look, the FIB, man, they trying to get me to clap you. And Devin Weston, he trying to get me to ice Michael. And I thought, if I...if I do that, man, maybe we got some room, you know?
(Voice only):
So, wh-what are you telling me this for?
Franklin: 'Cause, dog, I'm doing this for us. I thought you could...
(Voice only):
Well, I can't! You're turning on him? I have had enough traitors in my life!
Franklin: Man, your ass could say thank you. Shit.
(Voice only):
You deserve each other.
Franklin hangs up, and arrives at the meeting place, the RON Alternates Wind Farm, and after a while, so does Michael in his Tailgater.
Michael: Hey man!
Franklin: Hey! What's up?
Michael: You seem kinda agitated...
Franklin: Man, shit ain't good right now.
Michael: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
Michael's phone rings.
Michael: Oh, shit. Hold on.
Michael answers the phone call.
Michael: Hey baby. What's up? Really? Tracey? College? Our Tracey? Real college? You gotta be kiddin' me... That's great. Alright, well, hey, listen, let me talk to you a little later, alright? Yeah, I just gotta wrap up some business here. Alright. Bye.
Michael hangs up.
Michael: Ah, Amanda. Say she wants me to bring you round the house sometime for dinner... one of these nights, huh? Fuck... I mean I don't know what I did to deserve this motherfucking luck. I got my kids back. My wife, And a job that I love. I mean, I made it. We made it. You and me, bro. (little pause) What...?
Franklin: I like you, dog, and you know this. I risked everything for your ass, dog.
Michael: What is this?
Franklin: Look, man. Me and you know this shit ain't over, dog. We both realists...
Michael: The fuck is this? Y...You? You came here to fuckin' clip me? You? Fuck!
Franklin tries to shoot Michael, but he misses, and chases Michael who escapes through railway.
  • Really? We really going on a train track?
  • The train tracks? Come on.
The train appears on chase.
  • You see that train, asshole? Shit - I ain't getting past there. Argh.
  • Fuuuck!
  • Fuck, man, you kidding me?
Michael stops his car at the Palmer-Taylor Power Station and goes up the stairs.
Franklin: Shit. Michael! Hey, man. Where you going?
Franklin: I don't like doing this, man!
  • Man, this ain't personal.
  • If there was another way, man!
  • I thought about it, man. This the only way.
Franklin chases Michael.
Franklin: Come out, man. Let's do this. Me and you. No use running, man. Come out. We'll finish this.
After Franklin reaches next stairs...
Michael: Franklin! You were like a son to me.
Franklin: We both used each other. That's what happened.
Michael tries to shoot Franklin.
Franklin: Oh, shit!
Michael: Ah, shit.
The chase continues.
Franklin: This gotta end right here, man!
  • I know you understand this - I know it.
  • I like you, man. That's what makes this hard.
  • I had to act, homie! I'm sorry!
Franklin: Michael, man. I gotta look after myself.
Michael: There's the difference between us. I was looking out for you.
Franklin: Dude. That ain't true.
Michael climbs the ladder.
Franklin: Why you going up there?
Franklin: This was a hard decision!
  • This is what it takes - for me to get out, dog.
  • We in a corner, bro! This'll get me out!
    You a snitch, okay? You know what that means!
  • Actions got consequences, a'ight?
Franklin reaches and climbs the ladder, evading Michael's shots.
Michael: Who put you up to this? Trevor? You're an idiot! We should take him out together. Right now. We'll roll on T. I brought you into my home, Franklin. You met my wife and my kids. You're gonna die here, you prick. I can promise you that! Fuck you, Franklin! Fuck you!
Franklin climbed up the ladder and is ambushed by Michael.
Franklin: Oh, shit...
Michael: Come on, you prick! I taught you everything you know.
Franklin: Not everything. I was here long before you, and I'll be here after yo' ass.
Michael: Oh, we'll see about that, you fuck. I'll take you every time.
Michael shoots at Franklin, but he misses.
Michael: Every fucking time!
Franklin: Yeah?
Michael: Fucking-A-right!
Franklin ambushes Michael from behind and hits his face.
Franklin: I was your bitch! I could have been staring down the barrel of your gun any fucking day, you motherfucker!
Michael: You just keep telling yourself that! It ain't gonna make you feel any better!
Franklin: Past performance, homie! People don't fucking change!
Michael: You did! You! Two-bit gangster gone three-bit. And now you're gonna... cap the only one who was ever decent to you! ARGHH!!! No, I trusted you. I took you in. Treated you like family!
Franklin pushes Michael and grabs his hand.
Franklin: Michael, let's just...
Michael: Fuck you!
Franklin: Eh, you told me, when the time came. I'd know. I'm sorry!
Michael: You hypocrite! I shoulda clipped you when you broke into my house.
Franklin: Man, I'm sorry. It's like you said... I understand.
Michael: You don't understand nothing! I'm all you got! You made the wrong call! Argh! I'll bring you down with me! I'm taking you down! You're coming in the ground with me! Franklin! You greedy prick!
If Franklin drops Michael...
Michael: Aaargh!
If Franklin tries to save Michael, he will headbutt Franklin.
Franklin: OW!
Either way, Michael falls to his death.
Franklin: Oh, f... fuck! (cries) Oh... fuck... (cries) Fuck...
Franklin phones Lamar.
Lamar's Voicemail: What up, what up? This is your boy LD, leave one.
Franklin: Hey Lamar! It's me homie. Look, I was just calling to see how you was doing, dog. Uh. Maybe we could hangout or something? Man, I know I've been caught up in shit, man, but shit's been real crazy, homie. But it's dealt with now. Fuck, man, you know how it is, homie, you just start running, and shit. Then all of a sudden your legs give and you just can't run no more. Anyway man, man just hit me, dog. We brothers homie, alright? Peace.
Cue end credits.

After the Mission

  • The player can no longer play as Michael after the completion of this mission and any Michael-specific activities are no longer available. This results in losing many properties and vehicle storages brought from the player, and the vehicles as well.
  • Franklin can no longer hang out with Jimmy or Trevor, since they are angry at Franklin for killing Michael.
    • Should Franklin and Trevor cross paths in the street, Trevor will refer to Franklin as a "traitor" and claim Michael was "too good" for him, before telling Franklin to stay away from him.
    • Franklin can only hang out with Lamar at night due to laying low to avoid Stretch. Additionally, Trevor cannot hang out with Jimmy or Lamar.
  • Franklin and Trevor will receive their shares from the Union Depository heist, though Lester informs them that he has sent Michael's share to his family.
  • If the player visits Michael's mansion, "For Sale" signs will appear outside.

Phone Calls

  • Devin Weston - Franklin calls Devin to inform him that he killed Michael and that Devin needs to speak with the FIB about him not killing Trevor. Devin says that he already talked with Steve Haines' boss. Franklin asks if Devin has any more jobs for him, to which Devin replies that Franklin is no longer useful to him; before hanging up, he mockingly advises Franklin to "go to business school, because clown school ain't worked out so good".
  • Lamar Davis - Lamar calls Franklin to say that he was right about Stretch. Lamar says that he will need to lay low for a while to keep himself alive.
  • Jimmy De Santa - Jimmy will call Franklin twice. The first time, he will ask Franklin if he knows where his father is and that he hasn't seen Michael for a while, with Franklin replying that he doesn't. The second time, he says that he knows about his father's death and asks what Franklin knows about this. Franklin again claims he doesn't know anything about Michael's death, but Jimmy ends up deducing that Franklin had something to do with it, ending the call with "Fuck you, man."
  • Jimmy De Santa - Jimmy will also call Trevor, telling him about his father's death, Trevor will try to comfort Jimmy, but will only make things worse.
  • Tanisha Jackson - Tanisha calls Franklin to tell him that she is getting married the next day; Franklin wishes her the best.

E-mails and Text Messages

  • Lester Crest - Lester will send a text message to both Franklin and Trevor saying he learned about Michael's death, and hopes that neither of them had anything to do with it. He informs both of them that neither of them will see Michael's cut from The Big Score, since he will transfer the cut over to Michael's family.
  • Lester Crest - Lester sends Franklin another message, saying he knows he killed Michael. He says he understands why it needed to be done, before telling Franklin to move on and never mention it again.
  • Trevor Philips - Trevor will send an email to Franklin asking if it was really him that killed Michael, to which Franklin says that it wasn't. However, Trevor will not believe him, and after Franklin begs for trust, Trevor will send him another email saying that he's dead to him.
  • Amanda De Santa - Amanda will send an e-mail to Franklin saying that she knows he had something to do with Michael's death. She warns him to stay away from her and her family, before telling Franklin she hopes he "rots in Hell". Franklin replies, apologizing for her loss and denying he had anything to do with it.
  • Lamar Davis - Lamar sends Franklin an email, saying that he just found out about Michael's death and asks if Franklin knows anything about it. Franklin responds that he doesn't know anything.
  • Dave Norton - Dave sends Trevor an email revealing that he was the one responding to his letters about Brad. He tells Trevor to behave himself and to never contact him again.
  • Ron Jakowski - Ron sends a text message to Trevor saying that he left a surprise for Trevor at his trailer.


Video Walkthroughs

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Grand Theft Auto V

  • Just like ending A, if Franklin proceeds to call Lester instead of Trevor, the ending will change to the Deathwish ending/ending C, and cancelling Franklin's action to call Trevor.
  • The Tailgater cannot be overtaken or else it will dramatically speed up.
    • Michael is invulnerable from bullets hitting him, but he can still damage Franklin.
  • The name of the mission comes from what Franklin says to Michael as he holds him up over the edge of the tower: "Eh, you told me when the time came, I'd know. I'm sorry!"
  • Michael's treacherous personality comes to light when he is climbing up the ladder on the tower, trying to change Franklin's mind and suggesting to "roll on T right now" together.
  • The song Sleepwalking by The Chain Gang of 1974 plays during the credits for this ending and can also be heard on Radio Mirror Park.
  • Franklin's quote to Lamar at the end of this mission is the same as Michael's quote at the end of the mission Fresh Meat when he was explaining to Franklin about why he betrayed his crew ("You wake up one day, and your legs... They just give, and you just can't run anymore").
  • Michael's line "I taught you everything you know", and Franklin's response, "Not everything", is similar the conversation between Dwayne Forge and Playboy X in Deconstruction for Beginners in GTA IV, in which Playboy tells Niko that "He taught me everything I know", and Dwayne responds "Not everything".
  • After this mission is completed, some Bleeter posts will mention Steve Haines' death and Merryweather Security closing its operation in the USA. Both of these events refer to The Third Way ending, and is probably an oversight of the game.
  • This is the second instance in the storyline where Michael is noticeably trying to hold back tears. When Michael says he treated Franklin like family, his voice cracks whilst saying "and now you're gonna cap..." due to emotion.
  • The Chinese translation for the Gold Medal Objective, "Surpassed the Mentor", is "青出於藍". Roughly meaning "Green Comes from Blue", this references Franklin and Michael's theme colors and the fact that Franklin eradicates Michael in this mission.


Grand Theft Auto V

  • If the player replays this mission, Michael will be wearing the default gray suit at the beginning, but after running up the stairs at Palmer-Taylor Power Station, he suddenly changes into a leather jacket and jeans.


  1. The GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort mission "Casino - Strong Arm Tactics" confirms that this is not the canon ending to the storyline.