The Tight End Zone is a radio program in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, under the station WCTR. It is sponsored by Logger Beer and Redwood Cigarettes, and hosted by Derrick Thackery (voiced by Peter Appel). The show's title is a combination of the football terms "tight end" and "end zone".

The show's content can often be misconstrued to be suggestive of gay sex. For example, the second episode of the show is introduced with Derrick saying "You'd better grab your balls and run, because someone's going to pin you to the ground and give it up the you-know-where!" Derrick also says at one point that the listeners and himself shold "stop showering each other in golden sports drink," which is highly suggestive of urolagnia.


  • Derrick doesn't seem to know much about sports.
  • Listeners seem to really like his comments, as one caller says "love the show, man... I love you!" while sounding like he's close to breaking into tears. 
  • In the first episode of the show, Derrick contradicts himself, saying to one caller "I'm married, so sliding down an icy tunnel of doom at high speed makes sense," while later admitting to another caller "I wish I had a wife so she could beat me."
  • Derrick also mentions the soccer rivalry between the Liberty City Cocks and the Liberty City Beavers; this would imply that soccer in the United States in the GTA Universe is quite popular, as soccer in the real-life United States lacked professional structure during the time the game took place (1992), whereas the Cocks-Beavers soccer rivalry was popular enough to be discussed on WCTR, based in the West Coast.