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The Three Bankers are a group of minor characters in Grand Theft Auto V, that appears in the mission Clown Car of the Private Taxi Fare side missions.


The three bankers mention some details of their lives during their ride. According to them they were enjoying a party at The Richman Hotel before Franklin picked them up. They appear to be wealthy as Raul says they are VIP clients of the taxi firm and they brag about being "pretty good for a tip."

However, they don't take their work too seriously as they explain that they were skipping work to go to the party and even using company money to pay for their stay at the hotel.

Events of GTA V

The three bankers are waiting in front of The Richman Hotel on West Eclipse Boulevard. They ask that Franklin take them to their work and that he drive fast because they are late. Paulie needs to be taken to Maze Bank on Alta Street. Darren must be taken to the Fleeca bank on Hawick Avenue. During the trip the bankers smoke marijuana and offer some to Franklin who declines saying that it looks weak to him.

After dropping the first banker off, the other two will talk about the massages they got in the hotel and joke about the Paulie being massaged by a man. Darren then asks Clyde[1] if he was able to get a "happy ending" from the masseuse but he only managed masturbating into a towel. After dropping off the second banker the remaining banker says that he would prefer to get something to eat instead of going to work and requests that Franklin take him to the 24/7 on Innocence Boulevard.

The last banker talks about The Richman Hotel and even invites Franklin to visit the hotel. After reaching his destination the sole remaining banker thanks Franklin and leaves to enter the convenience store. Depending on how well Franklin drives the bankers will either compliment him (if he was fast enough) or criticize him (if he was too slow) when dropped off.



  • There always will be a Super Diamond and a Stretch limo near the three bankers in The Richman Hotel, it's a good opportunity to pick one of the two cars if the player need one of them.
  • The three appear to be parodies of upper-class people in regards to their approaching drugs and other less upper-class things. The three all smoke marijuana; they all also use urban slang frequently enunciated humorously or otherwise incorrectly. Darren also refers to 24/7, a parody of 7-Eleven, as "ghetto food", further showing his disconnect from many lower class people.


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