"The beef tastes so good because the hormones are very tender. The cows love to be injected with steroids, and it makes the meat juicy."
―GTA San Andreas Website.

The Smokin' Beef Grill is a restaurant featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


It is located in Las Barrancas, Tierra Robada. The restaurant is featured on Rockstar's website for GTA San Andreas. Carl Johnson can take his girlfriends on a food date here. According to the insignia on the website, the cows served in this restaurant were injected with steroids to make them larger and the beef juicier. The restaurant has an iconic statue of a giant cow on its roof. There is a similar statue on top of one building in Fort Carson in Bone County, although that building itself not signed as a restaurant.

Strangely, The restaurant has the same interior as the Secret Valley, making the actual name of the restaurant questionable and confusing.



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