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Movie poster.

Mankind has fucked its cousin... one last time.
— One of the movie's taglines

The Simian is a science fiction film produced by Browne Canyon within the HD Universe.


The movie is rated PA for "Post-Apocalyptic Nonsense" and contains "bestiality, awesome graphic violence, clichés, and product placement." Its theatrical trailer is attached to Meltdown, the feature film produced by Solomon Richards and Michael De Santa in Grand Theft Auto V. The plot and several shots in the trailer are clear references to Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the 2011 reboot of the Planet of the Apes series.

Although the movie is unviewable by the player, its trailer is played in the Astro Theaters and the Oriental Theater of Los Santos.


After an attempt at extracting monkey DNA has gone terribly wrong, apes declare war on the human species, wreaking havoc on streets of Los Santos, Blaine County and Liberty City. The monkeys in the movie are depicted as incredibly intelligent and agile warriors, with good weapon wielding and driving skills.



  • The poster resembles the theatrical posters for Steven Spielberg 's 2001 film, A.I. Artificial Intelligence.
  • As in any in-game media, unreleased content can be seen here, such an unreleased helicopter assumed to be the Hunter and the cut Heavy Rifle in the hands of a chimp.
  • In Grand Theft Auto Online, players who logged in on November 13, 2015 received a The Simian T-Shirt[1].