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The following is based on Grand Theft Auto V cut content and has not been verified by canon sources. Reader discretion is advised.
Please do not add unverified or speculative content to this article unless confirmed by Rockstar Games or in-game data.

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The Sharmoota Job (also known as The Nice House Heist) is a cut heist that was originally planned to appear in Grand Theft Auto V. It involved Michael and Trevor robbing the mansion owned by Martin Madrazo.

As implied by the dialogue during Caida Libre, it is believed that the heist would take place shortly after this mission, which would mean that Michael originally agreed to rob Madrazo's ranch with Trevor.


According to the mission objectives listed in the missions.xml file, the two protagonists had to steal a safe, Madrazo's prized horse and kidnap his wife. The only leftovers are the text entries describing the heist, a very old minimap icon, and some mission-specific sound files.

The heist had three stages:

  • Plan the heist.
  • Make two preparations.
  • Choose one of the three approaches.

As there is nothing about the pre-heist planning segment in the missions.xml file, it is only implied that Michael and Trevor left some notes about the La Fuente Blanca ranch on a planning board. The story descriptions of both preparation missions are still mentioned in the file:

  • nice_house_setup1A - "In order to perform the nice house heist, Michael and Trevor will have to view the house which has recently come onto market, so they book an appointment for a viewing online."
  • nice_house_setup1B - "To prepare for the heist, Michael and Trevor get shown round the house as prospective buyers."

After booking the appointment online, the estate agent's phone contact would become available for either Michael or Trevor.



Unused "estate agent" phone contact for the cut Sharmoota Job heist in Grand Theft Auto V.

To perform the heist, Michael and Trevor would have to view the house. They gain entry by booking an appointment, since the house has recently come onto the market. Michael and Trevor are given a tour of the house under the guise of prospective buyers, who act as a gay couple while they are viewing the house.

Audio files of the tour dialogue can still be found in the game files, including the estate agent's quotes, and Michael and Trevor finding Madrazo's safe behind a wall, the alarm system and antique stuff, which are implied to be secondary targets in the heist finale. [1]

Heist Approaches

Night Stealth

Michael and Trevor enter the house during the night using stealth. Patricia Madrazo is disturbed whilst the heist is in progress, so they would have to tie her up. They then remove the safe from the wall, steal the horse and kidnap Patricia Madrazo.

Note: According to the leaked builds.xml buglog file, this heist approach mission was still playable and available for testing as of July 2012, meaning that The Sharmoota Job was dropped one year before the game's initial release.

High Impact

Michael and Trevor, disguised as mime artists, enter the house during a party and tie up the guests. Madrazo's guards arrive and a shootout begins. Michael and Trevor then remove the safe, steal the horse and take Patricia Madrazo hostage.

Clown Day Stealth

Michael and Trevor, this time disguised as clowns, arrive at the house during a party. They steal the safe using stealth and perform party tricks to gain access to the stables. They steal Madrazo's horse and escape with the horse, safe, and Martin's wife. Only a few audio clips remain in the game files, including sound effects of the clown shoes. [2]

Madrazo's Prized Horse

According to the audio files related to this heist, a horse was a living creature during that mission, which confirms that horses were completely cut from the game. [3]

There are other leftovers of the horse in the files:

  • A LOD model used for a quadruped animal, which is believed to be from a horse. [4] This is further proved as the mission waypoint files refers to the horse as quad. [5]
  • The in-game model was briefly shown in the Pißwasser TV commercial.
  • According to police scanner audio, the horse was technically meant to be a "vehicle" in the game, and had several different colors.

PC Version Files

For unknown reasons, new files related to The Sharmoota Job were added with the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. They contain a small piece of a "wall safe" room, mentioned by the estate agent in the first prep mission, which cannot be found in the interior in the final game. [6] There are models of the same room in six different stages, from normal to partially destroyed. Thanks to these models, it is possible to recreate the safe robbery scene, in which Michael or Trevor tied a rope to the safe handle and used an unidentified truck to push the safe out of the wall, damaging both the wall and the floor.

Final Version

In the final version of Grand Theft Auto V, Michael doesn't agree on robbing La Fuente Blanca in Caida Libre. The kidnapping of Patricia Madrazo from this mission was moved to Caida Libre, with Trevor kidnapping Patricia offscreen due to Martin's mistreatment of her, and also due to Martin's refusal to pay Trevor and Michael for killing his cousin Javier. The final cutscene also shows Patricia tied up in the trunk of the car, like in the original plans for The Sharmoota Job.

GTA Online: The Cayo Perico Heist

Main article: The Cayo Perico Heist

While The Sharmoota Job didn't make it to the final version in Grand Theft Auto V, several elements originally planned for that job were later used in Grand Theft Auto Online during The Cayo Perico Heist, set seven years after the events of GTA V. The heist focuses on players conducting a major heist against Martin Madrazo's drug supplier Juan Strickler, a notorious drug lord known to many as El Rubio, with the first time playthrough focused on the protagonist conducting the heist to secure documents for Martin's son, Miguel Madrazo.

  • Characters planned to appear in The Sharmoota Job in GTA V make an appearance in The Cayo Perico Heist in GTA Online, such as Patricia Madrazo, who was meant to be kidnapped during the heist in GTA V, and the estate agent, whose name was revealed to be Jackie. Her role in The Sharmoota Job scoping prep was replaced with Pavel, who guides the player during The Cayo Perico Heist preps and finale.
  • While the players were disguised as a gay couple to scope Martin's house in The Sharmoota Job, in The Cayo Perico Heist, the players are disguised as tour managers for the Keinemusik DJ group to scope El Rubio's Compound.
  • One of the possible antiques that could be stolen in The Sharmoota Job was a panther statue. In The Cayo Perico Heist, the Panther Statue is one of the possible primary heist targets, but it is only available during certain event weeks.
  • While the players could steal Madrazo's prized horse in The Sharmoota Job, in The Cayo Perico Heist, the players can steal El Rubio's prized gun.



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  • References to this mission were made during Caida Libre. Trevor mentions Madrazo's 'nice house', with Michael explaining that they "weren't casing the joint" and that Madrazo's comfortable lifestyle "doesn't mean [they're] robbing him".
  • This mission took place after Did Somebody Say Yoga? according to unused dialogue from Michael.[citation/verification needed]
  • The Night Stealth approach possibly involved a hacker as lines of dialogue exist possibly for this approach.
  • "Sharmoota" is Arabic for "slut".
  • This heist was possibly made very early in the development, as in some unused voice lines Trevor can be heard calling Michael "Albert".
    • It is also likely that he merely used that name as a pseudonym as the Rush Casting Call names were never meant to be their real names.
    • Trevor used the name T-Rone.
  • The kidnapping of Patricia Madrazo from this mission was moved to Caida Libre, with Trevor kidnapping Patricia offscreen due to Martin's mistreatment of her, and also due to Martin's refusal to pay Trevor and Michael for killing his cousin Javier.
  • Players can see that Madrazo's ranch features a full interior by using glitches, one of which is going at full speed by using the Skyfall/Superman cheat, and ramming Madrazo's ranch. If successful they will be glitched into the interior of the house and players can roam inside it, although this requires several tries (tested on console versions). Players can also use the 'Airbreak' mod on the PC version.
  • Part of the High Impact approach involved a gunfight with a Mexican gang, which was also cut from the game.


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