The Royale is an apartment building that appears in Grand Theft Auto V. It is located on 1051 Spanish Avenue and San Vitus Boulevard in West Vinewood, Los Santos.

Known Residents

Sapphire lives in this apartment building. Should any of the protagonists successfully seduce her at the Vanilla Unicorn strip club, she will invite them back here.

GTA Online

In GTA Online, the apartment 1 is available for purchase for $125,000 through the Dynasty 8 website. It includes a 6 car garage.

  • "This newly-renovated one-bedroom in Downtown Vinewood is a STEAL! Hurry this one won't last! It did last! $10,000 price reduction! Crazy value! Move NOW the price is right! Everything's negotiable. Motivated seller. Reduced again for quick sale! Will someone just buy this already??? Includes 6-car garage."



  • In GTA Online, when the player enters to the Apartment 1 by the main entrance, the door is incorrectly placed as if it is fully opened in the cutscene. As the player pushes an invisible door, the physical one partially closes, as if it is pushed from the opposite side.
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