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The Redeemer is a classic Vinewood film produced in 1989 by Dreyfuss Productions, starring Al Di Napoli.



A gloriously cheesy action movie cult classic starring Al Di Napoli. Famed for its over-choreographed, homoerotic fight scenes and shameless promotion of right-wing values, "The Redeemer" doesn't waste any time on character or plot develoment - it jumps right in. When, for some unknown reason, an army of Arabs-disguised-as-aliens decides to begin their hostile takeover of America from a small Midwestern rural town, local track coach Drew Falcon has other ideas. Falcon's muscular, shirtless look might be inapropriate for his day job at Narrowview High School but, when it comes to mowing down faceless terrorists, it fits the bill perfectly. Assisted by a cowardly deputy sheriff and the town drunk Lambert (who by a stroke of luck turns out to be an ex special forces operative), Falcon (who for reasons that aren't exlained spent much of his childhood in Asia learning multiple martial arts) saves the US of A and wins back the love of his estranged wife by killing hundreds of ethnic stereotypes with an impractically over-sized gun without reloading once.

Comments on

  • hablonada - "Why does Falcon wear camouflage face paint when none of the combat happens in the countryside?" - 6/10 stars
  • huggybear4 - "This movie is still huge in the gay community." - 8/10 stars
  • ubergordon - "I bet nobody's jerked off to it more than Al Di Napoli though." - 3/10 stars
  • flubmonkey - ""This is turban warfare, motherfucker!" Best line of the movie." - 6/10 stars
  • beckybigguns - "Only Falcon could round-house a cruise missile." - 7/10 stars
  • gagorama73 - "Di Napoli made a shitload of cash from this movie." - 4/10 stars
  • gagorama73 - "And spent it all on meth..." - 4/10 stars


  • This movie is a parody of classic 80s action movies, most likely the Rambo film series or, going by the movie poster, the Schwarzenegger movie Raw Deal.
  • A poster of this movie can be found on Jimmy's bedroom and some safehouses in GTA Online.
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