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For an overview of the entire Heist, see Prison Break.
Not to be confused with The Prison Contract.

Break Rashkovsky out of Bolingbroke. The ground team takes the transport bus, poses as guard and inmate, and goes into the prison to get him out. Demolitions take care of the inbound transport bus. Pilot collects them in the plane.
— Brief.

The Prison Break is the final part of Prison Break, the second Heist available in Grand Theft Auto Online; added in the Heists Update.


The team reunites at the apartment's planning room. Here, Agent 14 calls in that the schedule has been "brought forward", stating that the death of Rashkovsky's partners had caused attention and a price has been put on his head. Agent 14 then briefs the plan: the officer and prisoner get inside the prison to collect Maxim Rashkovsky, while the demolition team takes care of the scheduled bus, and the pilot waits for evac, so Rashkovsky can get out of the country.

The team then splits into four different roles:

Prison Officer & Prisoner

Two players, disguised as a prison officer and prisoner, and provided with AP Pistols (Prison Officer gets a Special Carbine), have to get in the stolen Prison Bus and enter Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Agent 14 instructs them to stay calm to get inside with no trouble. After that, players can maintain their cover before passing a guard armed with a Pump Shotgun. The guard will become suspicious and order them to stop, forcing the players to attack anyone in the area. The guards will also become suspicious and attack if the Officer or Guard player sprint or otherwise draw attention to themselves.

The players then climb up the ladder or use a nearby stairwell to get up to the walkways, then descend again to reach the central area of the prison where Rashkovsky is located. They have to first take out the oncoming guards, while Agent 14 warns that the NOOSE were called in.

A cutscene is triggered, where the player acting as a prisoner finds Rashkovsky and gives him a Pistol, to which he comments that he collaborated and nearly got a shiv for the pleasure. He then demands to get the gun and claims that there are some screws he hopes they will run into, before moving into the fight.

After the cutscene, the group will take cover behind small barriers and face off against the NOOSE agents, which are scattered along the escape route, along with prison guards. Enemies will also spawn on elevated areas, so the group has to be careful. Respawning Body Armor will be scattered on two points: right before taking a turn to the right and another one past the parking lot of the buses. Care should be taken when advancing through sections, as trying to double back to restock on the body armor may fail the mission due to leaving the mission area.

Once they clear the area and bring Rashkovsky outside, the group can take a Police Riot from nearby and make their way to the plane, evading the oncoming cops.


Demolitions will be provided with a Jerry Can and Sticky Bombs. The player is tasked to intercept the scheduled Prison Bus by taking out the driver. Agent 14 suggests following the route bypassing near the prison and driving it to the Sandy Shores Airfield, so the player can destroy the vehicle.

After taking care of the bus, the player is instructed to get a Buzzard Attack Chopper ahead from their location. It is lightly guarded by two Merryweather Security enemies, who can easily be taken out. Once the player obtains the vehicle, Agent 14 instructs them to protect the plane from the enemy jets attempting to shoot it down.

When the prison group manages to get Rashkovsky out of the prison, the player is instructed to defend the group by taking out the oncoming police vehicles, including Police Mavericks.


The Pilot is instructed to pick up the Velum 5-Seater from LSIA for the getaway. An unknown contact messages the player that their window of opportunity is closing, so they have limited time to get the vehicle and fly towards Blaine County.

As soon as the player heads to the airfield, Agent 14 warns that the plane was red-flagged, and P-996 LAZERs were sent to bring it down. The Pilot has to evade them by staying outside their front. If a jet manages to face the plane, it will fire unguided rockets, so the Pilot has to perform sharp turns and let the Demolitions player take it out.

When the prison bus manages to exit the area, the Pilot is informed of the situation and is instructed to find a place to land the vehicle and pick them up. Once inside, the Pilot must take off, lose the cops, and fly towards Palomino Highlands.

All Teams

Once the plane reaches its destination, a cutscene is triggered, where the crew starts leaving the plane while Rashkovsky takes control of it, wishing the crew to be paid well for this. After that, the crew parachutes down to the beach, while Agent 14 comments on their professionalism and that Rashkovsky is "part of something bigger", asking to not retire on him yet. Once all members of the team are on the beach and get in the Buzzard, the Demolitions player can fly back to the city to complete the mission.

The crew members are then seen at the heist leader's apartment, drinking and celebrating their victory.

Mission Objectives

Prison Officer & Prisoner
  • Collect the prison bus. (Prison Officer)
  • Get in the prison bus. (Prisoner)
  • Gain access to the prison.
  • Park inside the prison.
  • Make your way through the prison to Rashkoskvy.
  • Collect Rashkovsky.
  • Clear the area of NOOSE.
  • Leave the prison with Rashkovsky.
  • Escort Rashkovsky to the Velum.
  • Lose the Cops.
  • Fly Rashkovsky to the drop zone.
  • Intercept the scheduled prison bus.
  • Take out the corrections officer.
  • Steal the prison bus.
  • Take the prison bus to Sandy Shores Airfield.
  • Destroy the prison bus.
  • Steal the Buzzard.
  • Protect the Velum.
  • Lose the Cops.
  • Get in the Velum.
  • Take the Velum to Sandy Shores Airfield.
  • Evade the pursuing jets.
  • Collect Rashkovsky.
  • Lose the Cops.
  • Fly Rashkovsky to the drop zone.

All players
  • Regroup on the beach.
  • Collect your teammates. (Demolition player)
  • Get in the Buzzard. (Other players)
  • Return to the city.

Elite Challenges

  • Rashkovsky damage 1% or less
  • Extraction in under 4:40
  • Nobody gets wasted

The "Extraction" timer is activated once the cutscene of finding Rashkovsky is triggered and ends when the plane gets in its destination.


Video Walkthrough


GTA Online Heist 2 - The Prison Break - Heist Finale (Elite Challenge & Criminal Mastermind)


  • This mission could be considered a more advanced version of the GTA Online mission Bust Out.
  • As with all heist finales, the elite challenge of "time completed" is signified in-game. In this heist, if Agent 14 tells the players to "hurry up" when completing the extraction process, this elite challenge objective is failed.
  • Although Agent 14 says that, according to the inmate transfer schedule, there is a prisoner being transported to the prison in the Prison Bus, when the demolition expert hijacks the bus on its way to the prison there is no prisoner being transported in it.
  • The Lazers that later pursue the player have two possible spawning origins: Fort Zancudo and McKenzie Airfield. Note that the pilot or demolition can never actually see the Lazers take off from these locations, however, it can be assumed they take off from then since they spawn in the vicinity.
  • The pilot can neither leave the Velum nor shelter it in a hangar while Lazers are hunting.
  • If the pilot follows the Lazers, the Lazer will continue to go in the same direction, and will gradually get slower, to the point that the Velum can actually catch up, or even beat the Lazer. This tactic is perfect, as the Lazer cannot fire any missiles towards the pilot. Note that turning around will cause the Lazer to return to chasing the pilot. This is inevitable however, as flying too far away while following the Lazer will commence the out of bounds countdown timer, resulting in a mission failure.
  • The fact that a special Velum with 5 seats is used in the mission is possibly an oversight, as only 4 people board the plane (three players and Rashkovsky) while the fourth player is in a Helicopter instead.
  • Attempting to fly over the prison (either as Demolition or Pilot) results in a warning instructing the player to leave the area before the mission fails. Not only that, but any aircraft will also be attacked by an unguided rocket, so players assuming these roles have to be careful.
  • In the cutscene of the Buzzard going back to the city, one can clearly see that the tail rotor is not spinning, yet the moving blade texture is still seen.
  • The music that plays in the celebration at the apartment in the original version is "You're the One For Me" by D-Train, which can be heard on Space 103.2. In the enhanced version, the song is "I Believe in Miracles" by the Jackson Sisters, which can be heard on The Lowdown 91.1.


  • After the ground crew gets into the Velum and the pilot is unable to evade the police, it has been reported that players have been trying to evade for up to 2 hours with no success. A potential fix found by one group of players is to fly to the very edge of the ocean, and the pilot should then start to lose the police. One possible explanation is that radar is in place, even if this is not mentioned. Try to fly low to avoid radar detection. If this doesn't work and the 5-star wanted level remains in place, the player must either get himself killed or leave the session to start the Heist over again.
  • Sometimes the first four guards will not spawn when the prisoner and officer get off the bus. If this happens, the alarms will start going off directly after the cutscene ends.
  • As of the 1.29 patch, during the cutscene where Rashkovsky is given a Pistol by the player disguised as the prisoner, he will not have blood on his face and his glasses are missing. After this scene returns to normal gameplay, the blood and his glasses are present again.
  • Sometimes, Rashkovsky will not follow either the Prisoner or Prison Guard and remains in place, rendering the Heist difficult to complete. Apart from leaving and restarting the game, this issue can be fixed by carrying Rashkovsky over a distance of about 80 meters on the path towards exit. The easiest way to do this is by pushing him repeatedly with a Police Riot. Some players also reported that having any of them kill themselves fixed the issue. (tested on PC)
  • (PS4, Xbox One & PC) Rarely, a glitch can occur that causes Rashkovsky to vanish after the cutscene where he is handed the pistol (though his blip will still appear on the radar, but will not move), resulting in an inability to complete the Heist. Restarting the Heist does not fix the issue, and the host will need to return to Free Mode, find a new session, then restart the Heist in order to resolve it. Similar mission-failing glitches occur on The Fleeca Job (Finale), Prison Break - Wet Work, and Humane Raid - Key Codes.
    • Additionally, this glitch will cause the corrections officer behind the wheel of the Prison Bus that the Demolition player has to destroy to not move the bus from its initial spawn point unless he is jacked and manages to get back into the bus. If timed correctly, the player can actually enter the Prison Bus as a passenger if the player enters at the same time as the corrections officer as he gets back into the bus after being jacked, and he will then drive the player along the route to the prison. The corrections officer can easily be killed from this position while in first-person view, but because this glitch always coincides with Rashkovsky disappearing, the Heist will be unable to be fully completed.
  • Rarely, a glitch occurs where players instantly fail the heist right after the cutscene of them jumping out the Velum plays, with the failed message saying that Rashkovsky died.