"Definitely, a club where gentleman prove they are gentleman, just as the whole force did at the last holiday party."
— GTA San Andreas Website.

The Pig Pen is a strip club located in East Los Santos, Los Santos in the State of San Andreas. It is featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

An advertisement for the club is available in the game's manual, along with the quote "They'll be here to cater to your entertainment needs. Private parties are welcome".

The club is accessible, and CJ is able to tip any of the strippers, or even receive a private dance from one. The player will also be shot at by the guards if they jump near a stripper, start fights or fire a weapon in the club.




  • If the player has completed the Pimping missions, the strippers will pay the player instead of him paying them.
  • A stripper called Umahati who works here, can be heard giving a shoutout on Radio Los Santos.
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