The Peep Hole is a sex shop featured in Grand Theft Auto IV.


It is located on Delaware Avenue in Hove Beach, Broker in Liberty City. The store is used in the mission Do You Have Protection? for Dimitri Rascalov, in which the owner Joseph Kaplan owes money to Dimitri. The store is very small, but also has a managers office in the back. The walls are covered in posters from movies and strip clubs.



  • There is a shelf of dildos inside the store, which can be picked up and used as projectiles.
  • Roman, during friend activities, can be found waiting outside the store.
  • A 'peep hole' is a common term for a gap in between toilet rooms where one would look through to see naked sexes.
  • Phyllis, a random character from GTA Chinatown Wars, also appears on posters the sex shop. The posters can be found as well as the strip clubs.
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