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The Panopticon is a hill and a logging camp located in north-west Red County, San Andreas, featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Panopticon is a relatively open hilly area with a lot of trees all over the place. The primary human activity in this area is a large logging camp. There are many cabins and felled trees scattered all around the camp, however, bloodstains are seen in some of the cabins, indicating that safety standards at the camp were lax. The camp uses some sort of cables from the J Arthur Cable Company as evidenced by empty cable reels found in the area. In addition, old tree stumps are seen as well, means many of the trees are already felled.

This is one of the most scenic areas of the state as it affords spectacular views of San Fierro and its bridges and skyscrapers. Moreover a country road coupled with iconic hairpin turns flows through the hill, further increasing the scenic beauty. On the north there is a small beach. The beach is a popular destination for tourists, as people can be seen coming here along with their ride and enjoying the onshore breeze and the panoramic beauty.

Stationary Vehicles


  • Chainsaw - south-west area, in the logging camp
  • Police Bribe - mid-west area, on a dirty road near the seashore
  • Shovel - south-mid area, in the logging camp, behind a house

Events of GTA San Andreas

The mission Wu Zi Mu (a street race) has its endpoint at the Panopticon. The mission Farewell, My Love..., essentially the previous race in reverse, has its start here. Mike Toreno's mission Vertical Bird begins at the base of the hill on which the Panopticon is situated.

Unique Stunt Jumps

The Panopticon is the location of the game's only cross-region unique stunt jump, a jump from near an intersection on the west side of the Panopticon across a body of water onto the Easter Bay Airport in San Fierro (although actually landing on the airport is optional; the jump will also be awarded if one falls slightly short and lands in the water). Attempting the jump before San Fierro is unlocked, however, results in a four star wanted level whether the jump is successful or not.

A second, less-risky unique jump can be found on the east side of the Panopticon, near Blueberry.

Nearby Bridges



  • The term "Panopticon" originally referred to a particular style of prison developed by British social theorist Jeremy Bentham. The term is also famous for its use by French historian social theorist Michel Foucault as a way to describe how societies seek to control their citizens.