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For an overview of the entire Heist, see Pacific Standard.

Clear out the flagship branch of the Pacific Standard Bank on Vinewood Blvd. Bust into the bank, control the crowd, crack the vault, pull out what you can, and make a getaway on the bikes.
— Brief.

The Pacific Standard Job is the final part of the Pacific Standard Heist in Grand Theft Auto Online and also the last mission of the Heists strand.


A cutscene plays where Lester will brief the crew about the heist. At first, he seem to act a bit weird, but he then blames the new meds he took. He then resumes to the brief, where one group has to control the crowd while the rest of them should take care of the vault. The crew then splits into three roles: a Hacker, a Demolition player and two Crowd Control players.

The crew is instructed to go at the Pacific Standard bank. Lester instructs the Crowd Control team to control the crowd inside the bank, while the Hacker and Demolition player should get to the vault. He also insists that the crew not kill any civilians.

Once inside, a small cutscene plays, where one player locks the doors and the others prepare their masks and Special Carbines. Once the cutscene ends, the group plan their respective approaches.

The crew has to take the security guards and the Crowd Control team keeps the civilians in the room, so the police will not be alerted sooner than expected. They are instructed to not kill anyone, otherwise the situation will get worse. While the team takes care of the crowd, the Demolition player sets the thermal charges on two security gates, so they can burn the locks and open them. Once inside, more security guards will appear in an attempt to stop the crew.

Once down to the vault's level, the hacker must complete a hacking minigame to open the vault. A third security gate needs to be open with another thermal charge. Once inside, the Hacker and the Demolition player should work together to grab the cash from two carts. Security guards may appear while grabbing the cash, so one has to be prepared to take them out or let one of the Crowd Control team to do so.

Once the cash is stolen, the crew has to reunite at the bank entrance, where they have to plan the escape. The alarm is activated and a 5-star wanted level is triggered. Another cutscene plays where the LSPD (and NOOSE, if the Crowd Control team fails to control the civilians) arrive at the scene. One player will open the door before a bullet hits the door, showing the police's brutality. The crew then loads their Special Carbines to fight.

From the entrance, the crew can opt to switch their Special Carbines to any weapon of choice and take out any police officer from near the entrance. The crew is instructed to follow the getaway route, which leads to an alleyway near the bank. From there, several police officers will appear through the alleyway, as well as a few officers spawning behind the team once they enter the alleyway. After taking a turn to the right, more officers will appear near the GoPostal Building, so the crew have to take them out before reaching to the apartment building where the Lectros were left.

After reaching the bikes, the crew now has to make their getaway by sorting out several Police Cruisers, as well as roadblocks. The crew has to make use of the Lectro's KERS functionality to outrun any possible police unit and avoid roadblocks. Pursuing units can be dangerous, as one could be easily dismounted from the bike, thus losing valuable time. The crew then follows the set route to the canyon, where a few Sheriff SUVs with a single LSSD officer will spawn attempting to block the crew's path.

Once the crew managed to arrive at the canyon, they must navigate to the bridge, jump off the cliff, bail out of the bikes and parachute to the Dinghy, provided to escape via the river. Once all four players in the Dinghy go past the bridge, the boat will drive off and the heist ends.

Lester congratulates and celebrates with the crew in jubilation over the success of the heist, complimenting them for being "silent, creepy weirdos with talent". He will say that he will never forget the moments he shared with the crew, with the picnic, the hiking on the woods and their sharings of their inner fears, before realising that it was the wrong memory and that it never happened with the crew, to which he blames the drugs he took for being "a heavily-medicated man". Lester then resumes to wire the money to them on the laptop before bidding them farewell. The crew is shown looking toward the skyline of the city afterwards, before being moved back to the factory entrance and regaining control on Freemode.

Mission Objectives

  • Go to the Pacific Standard Bank.
  • Enter the bank.
Crowd Control
  • Control the crowd.
  • Wait while your team grab the cash.
  • Take out the bank security guards.
  • Wait while the first teller's gate is opened.
  • Wait while the second teller's gate is opened.
  • Go to the vault control panel.
  • Hack the control panel for the bank vault.
  • Wait while the vault gate is opened.
  • Grab the cash.
  • Take out the bank security guards.
  • Place a thermal charge on the teller's gate.
  • Wait for the gate to come open.
  • Place a thermal charge on the gate.
  • Wait for the gate to come open.
  • Wait while the bank vault is hacked open.
  • Place a thermal charge on the vault gate.
  • Wait for the gate to come open.
  • Grab the cash.
All players
  • Regroup with your team near the bank exit.
  • Wait for your team to regroup.
  • Exit the bank.
  • Follow the getaway route.
  • Go to the getaway bikes.
  • Head to the canyon.
  • Head to the bridge.
  • Jump off the cliff and begin parachuting.
  • Get in the Dinghy.
  • Take the Dinghy out to sea.

Elite Challenges

  • Complete in under 10:15 Minutes.
  • NOOSE not called.
  • Nobody gets wasted.

Instructional Messages

Keep a low profile en route to the bank. If you alert the cops you will compromise the job.


Video Walkthrough


GTA Online Heist 5 - The Pacific Standard Job - Finale (Elite Challenge & Criminal Mastermind)-0


  • This mission bears some resemblance to "Three Leaf Clover" in Grand Theft Auto IV: a (starting) team of four, with duffel bags of money, rob a bank that quickly gains police attention, running through the streets and alleyways of an "iconic" area of the respective city, shooting police officers that stand in the way, all until making their getaway on a directed vehicle that can be swapped out with another, to a predetermined location, using any route of the players choosing.
  • Theoretical gains are by far the highest of all Grand Theft Auto Online original heists or missions. However, after exiting the bank, taken money decreases when money bags are damaged, similar to The Paleto Score from single player. Destroyed money cannot be recovered during the mission even when restarting at checkpoints, unless one were to restart at the checkpoint before exiting the bank, making repeated failures quite a loss for players. However, actual gained money can not fall under 55% of taken money (making the heist roughly on par with The Humane Labs Raid in term of profits, should the vault have been emptied), and restarting the entire heist finale will allow a chance of losing less money.
  • If the players kill two hostages, one of the bank tellers will hit an alarm, causing the NOOSE to be deployed. While this will not cause the heist to fail, it fails the "No NOOSE called" elite challenge and makes the getaway significantly more difficult especially if the crew escape on bikes, due to more FIB SUVs and Police Mavericks spawning, as well as Police Riots forming roadblocks.
  • Regardless of where a hostage is shot, they will be instantly killed.
  • The time during the heist is set to 9:10. Interestingly, footage from the Heist Update trailer showed that the mission initially took place at a raining night.
  • In the cutscene where the LSPD first arrive at the bank, unique sirens are played for the Police Cruisers. They cannot be heard in normal gameplay. The same sirens are also heard in "The Paleto Score".
  • While the money bags could still be damaged and lose money during this period, due to a bug the take remained at the original maximum amount for the chosen difficulty ($500,000, $1,000,000 or $1,250,000) even if, and regardless of the amount of times, the money carrier(s) were shot or otherwise damaged, though the actual final payout was still accurate.
  • On Easy or Normal difficulty, after the bike escape portion of the heist is reached, if a player is killed by the cops, they will respawn on a new Lectro bike. Unlike the original Lectro bikes that are behind the apartment building, the new bike will not have bulletproof tires. This will make it very hard to escape the police in the likely event that either of the tires are burst. It is still possible, however, to retrieve the original bike.


  • There is a glitch in the cutscenes where some players will be holding their Special Carbines without magazines in them. This happens if the said players have the "drum magazine" attachment applied.
    • This glitch also occurs if the player owns the Special Carbine Mk II that the original version is added to the player's weapon wheel.
  • Sometimes, the helicopter carrying the 4 NOOSE officers will strangely glitch upon gunfire, causing the officers to flung into the air.
  • At times, upon restarting the getaway checkpoint, the scripted wanted level will fail to trigger and instead resorts to the normal wanted level. This can be even more difficult due to the presence of FIB/Sheriff SUVs.