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The Open Road logo.

Greetings New User. The wonders of modern technology have gifted us a small oasis in this desert of our surveillance state, this brief respite from the x-ray gaze of civil servants, spooks and spouses. So, let's use it to make as much moula as we can.

The Open Road is a Dark Net marketplace featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Bikers update available only in Public Free Mode sessions.


The Open Road is depicted as an underground network server, where the MC clubhouse's President is able to purchase and operate illicit businesses.

The network server is operated by Lester Crest using the pseudonym of "Long John Teabag", who greets the player and explains the available businesses and the conditions to operate them.

In order to get access, the player must first purchase any of the available clubhouses and once done, there is a laptop available which has The Open Road logo on it.


Should you like, I can help you produce, market, and sell... Quality counterfeit documents... Unimpeachable fake cash... Dank-ass marijuana... Moreish methamphetamine... Or your realtor's favorite, cocaine.
With my vast knowledge and your time, effort and bank, we'll be unstoppable. Please be advised, only one business of each type can be owned, resupplies and sales are your responsibility, administrative fees will be charged for every transaction, and your business may draw unwanted attention from law enforcement or other malefactors. But that's half the fun. Message me for further details. Your friend,

The player is introduced to the network by "Long John Teabag" when first logging in on the clubhouse laptop.

Five different types of business are available to purchase, with four location options to pick from for each type. The location of each business determine the purchase price and the location and difficulty of the sales.


The player is free to purchase one of each business in any location, but mid-priced full "sets" of five business locations can be found in close proximity in both Paleto Bay and Elysian Island (including Terminal)[1]. The other two "sets" are spread around the countryside (the cheapest options) and Los Santos city (the most expensive).

Cross-"border" deliveries from the city to the countryside or vice versa will attract a 50% premium on the price achieved at the time of sale.

Business Selection[]


Blips-GTAO-498-ProductionFakeID-Animated Document Forgery
Location Class Image Description Price
Forgery-GTAO-Grapeseed 650000 Map
dead-end lot in a dead-end corner of SA. perfect setup for doc work. surrounded by meth labs and rug n tug joints so the cops wont give a shit about you. $650,000
Forgery-GTAO-Paleto 732000 Map
Paleto Bay
cozy little workshop in the land that cops forgot. perfect place to work on your copypaste in peace and quiet. make it here, and the northern market is yours. $732,000
Forgery-GTAO-Elysian 975000 Map
Elysian Island
old warehouse near the docks with big potential for scratching out a buttload of IDs. be a 1 stop shop for the illegals dashing out of every second shipping container. $975,000
Forgery-GTAO-Textile 1235000 Map
Textile City
tight little setup dug into the side of textile city. great central location. permanent scaffolding out front to keep things low key. $1,235,000


Main article: Weed Farm

Blips-GTAO-496-ProductionWeed-Animated Weed Farm
Location Class Image Description Price
WeedFarm-GTAO-SanChianski 715000 Map
San Chianski Mountain Range
if the locals dont skin you this shack will sit nicely under the radar for years to come. room for a decent crop and already hot and wet as hell so youll save big on the humidifier bill. $715,000
WeedFarm-GTAO-Chiliad 805200 Map
Mount Chiliad
budding herb shed tucked just under nowheres asshole. quiet, good humidity, loads of paperless workers nearby. $805,200
WeedFarm-GTAO-Elysian 1072500 Map
Elysian Island
easy in, easy out, no customs, plenty of space. an aspiring growers dream. good dockland access and cops think its just a sweatshop rofl so go nuts. $1,072,500
WeedFarm-GTAO-Vinewood 1350500 Map
Downtown Vinewood
last grower got shot in the neck just inside the front door so selling this on at cost. tidy little outfit for the ambitious horticulturalist. ideal for a startup. $1,358,500

Counterfeit Cash[]

Blips-GTAO-500-ProductionMoney-Animated Counterfeit Cash Factory
Location Class Image Description Price
Counterfeit-GTAO-Senora 845000 Map
Grand Senora Desert
every idiot knows the economy is already on the brink and with the right leadership this hellhole could print enough cold cash to sink it in a few months. bring it on. $845,000
FREE (with Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack)
Counterfeit-GTAO-Paleto 951600 Map
Paleto Bay
still registered as a utilities station. if you wanna print bills then cover doesnt get better than this. thick walls so no one will hear the driers or the shots. $951,600
Counterfeit-GTAO-Cypress 1267500 Map
Cypress Flats
old depot in a neighborhood where no ones stupid enough to ask questions. light prep work needed and youll be doing some serious quantitative easing in no time. $1,267,500
Counterfeit-GTAO-Vespucci 1605000 Map
Vespucci Canals
tidy beachside lockup for a boutique printer. all the hippies around here would think a crayon sketch of a dollar bill is legit so what are you waiting for? $1,605,000


Main article: Methamphetamine Lab

Blips-GTAO-499-ProductionMeth-Animated Methamphetamine Lab
Location Class Image Description Price
MethLab-GTAO-Senora 910000 Map
Grand Senora Desert
big old shack thats found its calling as a low-profile, high-ceiling lab. youre a ways from the nearest pharmacy if you run out supplies so stock up. $910,000
MethLab-GTAO-Paleto 1024800 Map
Paleto Bay
know how much ice pays off a liberal arts degree? this places turnover should have you covered in just a couple years. big quiet factory. feds have forgotten it exists. $1,024,800
MethLab-GTAO-Terminal 1365000 Map
slick new warehouse. this place has got superlab written all over it. youll only have merchant seaman and sex traffickers for company but theyre your biggest customers anyways. $1,365,000
MethLab-GTAO-ElBurro 1729000 Map
El Burro Heights
old derelict perfect for cooking shit. neighbors are half dead with the smog so no ones going to notice a little extra toxicity lol. $1,729,000


Main article: Cocaine Lockup

Blips-GTAO-497-ProductionCrack-Animated Cocaine Lockup
Location Class Image Description Price
Cocaine-GTAO-Alamo 975000 Map
Alamo Sea
fort just over the hill but screw it this is prime real estate for an up and coming producer. doesnt look like much but that’s a good thing right? lots of trade from passing grunts. $975,000
Cocaine-GTAO-Paleto 1098000 Map
Paleto Bay
old storage outfit perfect for the rookie or the old hand. amenities, battery recycling, gun store and not much else nearby. $1,098,000
Cocaine-GTAO-Elysian 1462500 Map
Elysian Island
forget your hipster dreams of a tarp-covered shack in the South American jungle. this is the real deal. large industrial premises for a chemist with some ambition. $1,462,500
Cocaine-GTAO-Morningwood 1852500 Map
nice little dive in the fancy part of town. great start for a classy powder shop. pissing distance from all your dealers and their clients. $1,852,500


Each business will require an initial set-up mission specific to the type of business purchased.

  • Document Forgery Office
  • Counterfeit Cash Factory
    • Picking up a Stockade loaded with supplies
  • Weed Farm
  • Methamphetamine Lab
    • Picking up a Pounder loaded with supplies
  • Cocaine Lockup
    • Picking up a Tampa loaded with supplies

Once set-up is complete, the player can progress to managing the business using a laptop located within each business building.


The laptop in the local business site also gives the player access to upgrade options to improve business profitability.

Upgrade Description
Equipment Upgrade Purchase this upgrade to install higher quality equipment. This will speed up your production rate, improve the overall value of your product and allow your supplies to stretch further.
Staff Upgrade Purchase this upgrade to hire more staff. This will speed up your production rate and improve the overall value of your product.
Security Upgrade Purchase this upgrade to install security personnel and surveillance equipment. This will reduce the likelihood of being raided by the cops or attacked by enemies.
Upgrade Costs
Documents Weed Cash Meth Cocaine
Equipment $550,000 $990,000 $880,000 $1,100,000 $935,000
Staff $195,000 $273,000 $273,000 $331,500 $390,000
Security $285,000 $313,500 $456,000 $513,000 $570,000


Main article: Business Supplies

Each business needs supplies to run, if it runs out production stops.

A supply level meter is visible on The Open Road admin tools page on the laptop. 5 units make up a full supply bar.

Players can buy supplies for $15,000 per unit. A total of $75,000 will be needed to buy supplies to fill a supply bar from empty. The player can also steal their supplies at no cost. The number of supply units that can be stolen per mission depends on the number of members in the motorcycle club.

Steal Supplies Mission Types[]

There are a variety of supply stealing missions, ranging from a bar fight to hijacking another organization's supply drop. However, because all the missions were created with teams of people in mind, each person can only carry one unit worth of supplies on each mission. Supplies that are stored in vehicles will reward the player with two units per vehicle.

  • Bar Fight - The player must go to Tequi-la-la and fight a few Lost MC gang members. After the The Lost MC are killed the player must steal the supplies which are near the bar area and then return the supplies to the business.
  • Intimidate target - The player must go to a construction site and intimidate a target to reveal the supplies' location. The supplies are stored in a Burrito. If the target is killed the mission will fail.
  • Armored Trucks - Several locations of Stockades will be given, the player needs to check which truck carries the supplies. The Stockades are either driving or parked and manned by two Gruppe Sechs guards. Upon finding the supplies, the player has to drive back the Stockade to their business.
  • Steal a van/Collect a worker - The supplies are in a Speedo or a Burrito guarded by hostile NPCs. After stealing the van, enemies will come after the player. Damage to the van by pursuers or the player crashing the van will deteriorate the supply's health and reduce the amount of supplies delivered. Location are various.
  • Competitor riders - Supplies are carried by members of a rival gang (either the Vagos, Khangpae, Ballas or Lost MC) on motorcycles. A couple of locations will be given, the player has to throw them off their motorcycle to reveal which one of them carries supplies. Using melee from a motorcycle instead of guns will prevent a wanted level being applied.
  • Search through crates - The player has to identify the correct crates with supplies in them from a number of crates located at Humane Labs and Research or Fort Zancudo. The crates are guarded by hostile NPCs, but the player may use stealth to avoid a fight.
  • Basic - The player simply has to collect a Bagger or a Burrito and drive it back to their business. The vehicles can either be parked somewhere, with no guards, or be driven around by a rival gang member.
  • Steal from Vagos - After killing a couple of Vagos gang members the player is instructed to drop a flare and the supplies will be dropped from a plane.
  • Confiscated by Cops - The player is instructed to go to the area near a police station. Once arrived, the player should obtain a wanted level of at least one star on purpose and stay in the area. After a few minutes, a Police Bike carrying the supplies will appear on the radar. The bike has to be stolen and delivered back to the business.
  • Meeting a contact for identities to forge with (Document Forgery only) - The player must meet an identity dealer. Once the player meets the dealer the dealer and his associates will gets attacked by a sniper. After the deal is attacked the players is instructed to get the supplies and get out of there.
  • Robbing a Fleeca Bank franchise (for money-making references) (Counterfeit Cash only) - The player must go to a Fleeca bank, and steal a briefcase full of supplies.
  • Disrupt a Humane Labs operation (Cocaine Lockup only) - A couple of crashed Humane Labs Boxville vans are found near the railway. They are protected by hostile NPCs. The player has to drive the Boxville to the business.
  • Colombian Flake (Meth Lab only) - The player must go to a outdoor/indoor location and steal a box full of supplies.
  • Raid nasty people (Weed Farm only) - The player must go to a outdoor/indoor location and steal a bucket full of supplies.


Similarly to SecuroServ Special Cargo and Special Vehicles, the players will encounter many NPC gangs during the supply stealing missions, where the players must steal the raw materials from them.

The gangs that can be encountered are:


Once the supplies are in the business, it can start producing. The player can check progress of the stock level on hand in each owned business at its location, or on the laptop in the clubhouse. Production rates vary between business types, but can be improved through installing upgrades. Each business is able to hold stock levels of varying amounts.

Passive Operation[]

After the After Hours update, players who own MC Club businesses and Nightclub warehouses can assign nightclub techs to accrue stock there, without ever needing to supply or sell from their MC Club operations.


Just like with CEO warehouses, MC businesses are susceptible to being raided by enemies. From time to time the player will have to defend the production facilities. Raids can only trigger if the player is registered as MC President, outside of an interior, and if the business contains product.

Players will only have one spare life against the mission's enemies, and depending on the mission type, failure might mean supplies and stock being cleared, and the business having to be setup again.

Protection Mission Types[]

There are several types of raids that will need to be defended:

  • Cop Raid - IAA agents in Unmarked Cruisers protected by a police helicopter are about to raid the business. Once they are fought off, players will need to recover a police truck packed with either product, or employees, and deliver it back to the business site. May happen to all 5 types of businesses. If the player is killed during the defense, they will be busted.
  • Traitor - There's a rat in the organization, and he's about to testify, and he's being held in a motel with police protection. Players must eliminate him, pick up the testimony and deliver it back to the business. May happen to Cocaine Lockup only.
  • Deal Ambush - A rival organization stole product and are in the middle of a deal to unload it. Get there before there's nothing left and deliver recovered product back to the business. May happen to Document Forgery Office, Weed Farm, Counterfeit Cash Factory and Methamphetamine Lab.
  • Gang Raid - A rival motorcycle gang is on the process of stealing your product. On arrival, defend the business by killing the attackers and eliminating the following waves of enemies. May happen to the Weed Farm.
  • Stolen Product - A rival motorcycle gang stole your product and are getting away in a Bodhi escorted by 2 Sanchez bikes. The player must kill the driver, collect the dropped crate and return it to the business. May happen to the Document Forgery.

Sell Missions[]

Players can start a sale mission from the local laptop whenever there is stock on hand to sell. Goods can be sold within the local region, or remotely for bigger profit.

Each sale mission has a maximum time limit of 30 minutes, and any product delivered to its destination in that time is considered sold, but any product that gets destroyed, or doesn't reach its destination in time, is lost. If the player abandons a mission before completion, they will be penalized by a small removal of product from the warehouse.

Sale Mission Types[]

  • Bikes - Deliver each Bagger (up to 4) to a truck parked at a specified destination.
  • Bike Delivery - Use provided Bagger to deliver a bunch of packages to their recipients.
  • Bike Setup - Ride the provided Bagger to provided destination, upon arrival evade the police setup and wanted level and deliver the bike to a secondary drop location (available to Cocaine Lockup only).
  • Boats - Go to specified location, there will be Dinghys (up to 3), each carrying 5 packages, use them to deliver packages to designated checkpoints, with a bonus for quick delivery.
  • Courier Delivery - Use provided Post-OP Boxvilles (up to 3), each carrying 5 packages, to deliver packages to their recipients throughout the map.
  • Duffel Bags - This mission only has a chance to be given if there are two or more players in the MC, an exception being the Document Forgery. Deliver bags of product to a specified destination or destinations. Document Forgery gives more delivery points per bag, and these points are shared across the entire MC. Counterfeit Cash has the player or players deliver bags to more than one point, and the next point won't be revealed until all bags have reached it. Any vehicle can be used with them. The product carried is lost if the player dies.
  • Helicopters - Go to specified location, there will be Buzzards (up to 3), each carrying 5 packages, use them to perform airdrops throughout the map.
  • Sea Planes - Go to specified location, there will be Dodos (up to 3), each carrying 5 packages, use them to to perform airdrops throughout the map.
  • Trash Trucks - Use provided Trashmasters (up to 3), each carrying 5 packages, to deliver trash bags with product to specified destinations throughout the map.
  • Truck - Deliver the provided Pounder truck to specified destination. The Weed Farm has a special variant of this mission, where you have to drive the truck evading enemies and cops, while a guy on the passenger's seat is smoking weed. The effects are similar to taking a hit from a bong in one of your apartments, only several times stronger. Low quantities of product (One vehicle) will replace the Pounder with a Rat-Loader, while medium quantities will replace the Pounder with a Burrito.

Vehicle Quantity[]

Though the type of vehicles to be used can be randomized, the quantity of vehicles can be somewhat controlled based on the number of stock that will be sold at that time. As a rule of thumb, stock less than or equal to 1.25 bars will always use one vehicle for delivery. A big exception to this is a Cocaine Lockup-type businesses, where stock at 1.5 bars is still guaranteed a single vehicle. Other details are shown below. Please note that data below are based on testing and may be subject

Business Vehicles
1 1 - 2 2 3+
Time Stock
Time Stock
Time Stock
Forgery ≤15
45m 16 - 24
(1.33 - 2)
48m -
1h 12m
25 - 30
(2.08 - 2.5)
1h 15m -
1h 30m
31 - 60
(2.58 - 5)
1h 33m -
Weed ≤20
1h 20m 21 - 32
(1.31 - 2)
1h 24m -
2h 8m
33 - 40
(2.06 - 2.5)
2h 12m -
2h 40m
41 - 80
(2.56 - 5)
2h 44m -
5h 20m
Cash ≤10
1h 20m 11 - 16
(1.38 - 2)
1h 28m -
2h 8m
17 - 20
(2.13 - 2.5)
2h 16m -
2h 40m
21 - 40
(2.63 - 5)
2h 48m -
5h 20m
Meth ≤5
1h 30m 6 - 8
(1.5 - 2)
1h 48m -
2h 24m
9 - 10
(2.25 - 2.5)
2h 42m -
11 - 20
(2.75 - 5)
3h 18m -
Cocaine ≤3
1h 30m 4
2h 5
2h 30m 6 - 10
(3 - 5)
3h - 5h


Each business produces product at a different rate:

  • Document Forgery Office (Holds 60 Boxes)
    • 1 box of $1,350 every 5 minutes with no upgrades.
    • 1 box of $1,550 every 4 minutes with equipment upgrade.
    • 1 box of $1,750 every 3 minutes with both equip and staff upgrade.
  • Weed Farm (Max of 80 Bundles)
    • 1 bundle of $2,025 every 6 minutes with no upgrades.
    • 1 bundle of $2,325 every 5 minutes with equipment upgrade.
    • 1 bundle of $2,625 every 4 minutes with equip and staff upgrade.
  • Counterfeit Cash Factory (Holds 40 Stacks of Money)
    • 1 stack of $4,725 every 12 minutes with no upgrades.
    • 1 stack of $5,425 every 10 minutes with equipment upgrade.
    • 1 stack of $6,125 every 8 minutes with equip and staff upgrade.
  • Methamphetamine Lab (Holds max of 20 Bins)
    • 1 bin of $11,475 every 30 minutes with no upgrades.
    • 1 bin of $13,175 every 24 minutes with equipment upgrade.
    • 1 bin of $14,875 every 18 minutes with equip and staff upgrade.
  • Cocaine Lockup (Holds max of 10 Stacks)
    • 1 stack of $27,000 every 50 minutes with no upgrades.
    • 1 stack of $31,000 every 40 minutes with equipment upgrade.
    • 1 stack of $35,000 every 30 minutes with equip and staff upgrade.

With the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S releases of Grand Theft Auto Online, values of Motorcycle Club Businesses stock of various quality was increased by 35%, 29% and 25%. The updated values were later added to the PC and Enhanced Edition versions.[2]

Profitability with Equipment and Staff Upgrades[]

Total Sale and Product Cost
Business Close Sale Far Sale Product From Full Supply
Full Per Piece Full Per Piece Close Far Stocks
Forgery $105,000 $1,750 $157,500 $2,625 $87,500 $131,250 50
2h 30m
Weed $210,000 $2,625 $315,000 $3,937.5


$131,250 $196,875 50
3h 20m
Cash $245,000 $6,125 $367,500 $9,187.5


$122,500 $183,750 20
2h 40m
Meth $297,500 $14,875 $446,250 $22,312.5


$119,000 $178,500 8
2h 30m
Cocaine $350,000 $35,000 $525,000 $52,500 $140,000 $210,000 4
Business Profitability
Business Close Sale Far Sale Supply Cost
Full Per Piece Full Per Piece Full Per Piece
Forgery $15,000 $250 $67,500 $1,125 $90,000 $1,500
Weed $90,000 $1,125 $195,000 $2,437.5 $120,000 $1,500
Cash $95,000 $2,375 $217,500 $5,437.5 $150,000 $3,750
Meth $110,000 $5,500 $258,750 $12,937.5 $187,500 $9,375
Cocaine $162,500 $16,250 $337,500 $33,750 $187,500 $18,750
Optimal Hourly Profit
Business Close Sale Far Sale Time To Produce Markup
Full Per Piece Close Far
Forgery $5,000 $22,500 3h 3m 16.67% 75%
Weed $16,875 $36,562.5 5h20m 4m 75% 162.5%
Cash $17,812.5 $40,781.25 5h20m 8m 63.33% 145%
Meth $18,333.33 $43,125 6h 18m 58.67% 138%
Cocaine $32,500 $67,500 5h 30m 86.67% 180%

To calculate the number of hours for a breakeven:

As a sample, the optimal return of investment of a Cocaine Lockup in Alamo Sea (when buying supplies) is as follows:




  • The name of the network is a parody of the Darknet website Silk Road, an online black market.
    • In addition to this, its operator, Long John Teabag, who uses a pirate related alias and the Jolly Roger as his phone contact image, is a parody of the former Silk Road owner Ross William Ulbricht, aka Dread Pirate Roberts.
    • The name is also a reference to the anonymity network Tor (The Onion Router), since the acronym of The Open Road is also "TOR".
  • If an MC President tries to start a sell mission while a prospect is playing as an animal due to eating a Peyote Plant, a special message will pop up, informing the player that the sell cannot commence until no prospects are playing as animals.