"Anthony, it's over for guys like us. We're dinosaurs, or dodos, or dildos, or something. I tell you, even in my own family I feel like Jesus surrounded by twelve Judases."
Salvatore Leone

The Offer is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories given to protagonist Toni Cipriani by Leone Family Don Salvatore Leone.


Toni drops by Salvatore's home looking for more work and finds an unhappy Salvatore. Jane Hopper, the leader of the dock strikers, is not allowing Salvatore to use the docks to get drugs to Portland despite Sal's help in setting up the strikes. Salvatore sends Toni to the docks with money to pay off Hopper, realising he has no alternative option.

Toni takes the money to Hopper at the docks, who has her henchmen surround Toni. She thanks him for the 'donation' and makes a quick exit, as the strikers begin to attack Toni for passing the picket line. Toni escapes the docks, completing the mission.


Toni Cipriani goes to see Salvatore Leone in his house's office, who's in a foul mood.
Toni: Eh, boss, you okay?
Salvatore: Do I look okay?
Toni: No.
Salvatore: Then what are you, a fuckin' moron? You're always saying the obvious. I can't believe I'm surrounded by people like you.
Toni: Sorry.
Salvatore: Listen, I'm sorry. Toni, you're one of my most trusted allies. After what you did, you're like a son to me - better than my son, better than any son. Your mother's a lucky woman.
Toni: So I hear.
Salvatore: Anthony, it's over for guys like us. We're dinosaurs, or dodos, or dildos, or something. I tell you, even in my own family, I feel like Jesus surrounded by twelve Judases. I mean, listen to this; I got a union boss - a broad no less - that I need to do me a favor, and she asks for money? All I wanted was 24 hours access to the docks, while the strike was going on, strikes that I helped organize, so my boys could offload some drugs, and now I get this horse shit?! I mean, these people are people that I personally fought for, people I've killed for, honest people. And this is how they repay me?
Toni: It's insulting!
Salvatore: It's a disgrace. We're finished, men of honor like you and me. Listen, Toni, I want you to take something to her.
Toni: You're gonna take this crap off a broad?
Salvatore: For now, what choice do I have? Look, go down there, pay her off - and tell her I'd like to have a word with her. Go.
Toni leaves Salvatore's house and heads to Portland Harbor to talk to Jane Hopper.
Toni: Salvatore wants to talk.
Hopper: I'm not playing Salvatore's game. Thanks for the donation, kid...see you around.
Toni is surrounded by Hopper's henchmen as she leaves Toni to be beaten up by them. Toni escapes Portland Harbor while avoiding workers wielding Baseball Bats and Molotov Cocktails.


The reward for completing the mission is $500 and unlocks the Ho Selecta! mission.

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  • Salvatore Leone's line "We're dinosaurs, or dodos, or dildos, or something..." could be a reference to the GTA Vice City mission Dildo Dodo.


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