The Nut House

"Check out my nuts."

The Nut House is a nut company in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


Grand Theft Auto IV

The Nut House are advertised around Liberty City and appear as the main nut brand on nut street vendors. The company mascot is a characterized nut acting somewhat deranged, owing to the meaning behind the name of the brand itself. A large neon billboard of the company can be seen on the MeTV Building in Star Junction.


Nut House bags on a Newspaper Stand.

The company sells in the most noticed places in Liberty City like Willis, East Holland, Middle Park, and Happiness Island are a few examples. Bags of nuts can be found on News Stands around Liberty City, along with P’s & Q’s and Phat Chips.

Several slogans are found on posters and the nut stands themselves, including "Check out my nuts", "You don't have to be nuts to work here - but it helps", "Nutty but nice", "Totally nuts" and "You will nut escape". The nut stand has a small menu sticker listing honey roasted peanuts, cashew nuts, almond nuts and coconuts, as well as ice cold water, all for $5.

Grand Theft Auto V

While nut stands are not found around the city, the brand's logo can be found in several locations in GTA V. A sticker can be found in the Tattoo Parlors and in the back room of Vanilla Unicorn, and Trevor Philips can purchase a cap with the company logo at Binco.


It is likely based on the nut company Nuts 4 Nuts, which has its stands throughout New York City



  • The name, logo, and menu are references to mental institutions, while the company slogan is a reference to testicles.
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