The Nicoise Hotel is a five star hotel on Columbus Avenue on the northwestern corner of Lancet opposite Columbus Cathedral, occupying an entire block) incorporates elements of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, but is not strictly adherent to its size, as its structural form and facade are scaled down (including only the central frontal and rear facade) and rearranged, and has a significantly shorter proportion than the Waldorf-Astoria . It does not have any relevant logo. This hotel is also featured on under the Hotels section.


For security, it seems that The Nicoise Hotel has the tightest security among other Hotels. It has two policemen, sometimes carry M4 Carbine, standing on the side of the entrance facing Columbus Avenue. As compared to other hotels, which have only one or two doormen standing outside the entrance,the security for The Nicoise Hotel is defitnitely tighter.


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