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Armando: "So...Victor...Lance. Who has been ripping us off? All of us. Because now we are partners. A team, as it were. Four brothers!"
Lance: "It was Martínez!"
Armando: "Really?! OK. Prove it. I mean...prove it now."
— The Mendez Brothers confront Victor and Lance Vance about the stolen coke

The Mugshot Longshot is the first mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given to protagonist Victor Vance by drug kingpins Diego and Armando Mendez from their mansion on Prawn Island, Vice City.


Victor Vance and Lance Vance were recently hit by the Mendez brothers, who attacked their businesses but failed. The Vance brothers tell the Mendez brothers that they didn't have a part in the stolen coke, despite the fact that they did steal it. After a short talk, Armando threatens to kill them, but then tells them that they can work together and the Vance's agree. Armando asks them who stole the cocaine, to which Lance lies and says that it was Jerry Martinez. Armando asks that they prove this. Vic and Lance then leave the mansion and Lance says that Martinez is turning states. Vic then takes a photo of Martinez in a VCPD Cheetah near the police station in Washington Beach.

After the photo is taken, Martinez heads for the marina in Ocean Beach, and Vic follows him. Martinez and the DEA agent stop near the boat with the shipment and board it. Vic, after getting closer, takes another photo of Martinez, this time with the drugs. Vic is spotted, causing Martinez and the DEA agent to flee in the boat. With the police in pursuit, Vic goes to Lance's apartment and gets Bryan Forbes' DEA ID number and meets Lance at the Printworks. There, Lance presses the picture and ID number together, making out Martinez as an undercover cop.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to the Washington Beach police station.
  • Take a photo of Martinez and the DEA Agent before the leave to 'prove' Martinez is undercover DEA.
  • A good photo can be taken from the vantage point. Don't get too close or they will spot you!
  • Take a close up photo of Martinez.
    • Photo is no good! Martinez is too small in the photo. (if Victor doesn't take a good enough photo.)
  • Photo is good! Now follow their car.
    • You're losing the track of Martinez! Get closer or you will lose them! (If Victor gets too far behind or ahead from Martinez's Cheetah)
  • Take a photo of Martinez.
  • A good photo can be taken from the vantage point. Don't get too close or they will spot you!
  • Take a close up photo of Martinez.
  • Photo is good! Go to Lance's apartment to collect Bryan Forbes' DEA ID.
  • Forbes' DEA ID has been collected. Go to the Print Works.


Victor Vance and Lance Vance arrive inside the Mendez Mansion in Prawn Island, and are ordered to sit on the couch at gunpoint by a Mendez gang member who stands guard, as the Vance brothers are greeted by Armando Mendez and his brother, Diego Mendez.
Armando: Ah, siblings, just like me and Diego! How apt.
Lance: Listen, Mendez, we don't want no crap!
The guard hits Lance. Victor attempts to fight back, but is stopped.
Victor: (not in subtitles) Hey! Motherf...
Armando: Listen, Vance brothers, you want me to kill you now? No problem. Or we can work together. Your call.
Lance: Alright, I guess we're gonna work together.
Armando: Good. Diego?
Diego: Sí.
Armando: So...Victor, Lance. Who has been ripping us off? All of us, because now we are partners; a team, as it were. Four brothers.
Victor: (not in subtitles) Yeah...
Lance: It was Martinez!
Armando: Really? OK. Prove it... I mean, prove it now.
Victor and Lance leave the mansion.
Victor: How the hell are we gonna prove Martinez was behind them losing their shipment?
Lance: Look, Martinez is turning states. All we need to do is get some photos of him with the feds. We could even make out like he was an undercover cop, like Forbes. That's it. Man, I am a genius! Take some photos of Martinez talking to the feds, then get Forbes' ID from my place and meet me at the Print Works.
Lance gets into his Infernus.
Victor: The Print Works?
Lance: Trust me... I see you there, brother.
Lance drives away. Victor is given a camera. He heads to the Washington Beach Police Station, where he finds Jerry Martinez talking to a DEA agent.
Martinez: Come on, man. This town ain't safe for me anymore.
DEA Agent: Calm down, sir. You're in the witness protection program now. We'll take care of everything.
Martinez and a DEA agent get into an unmarked police car. Victor attempts to get a good shot of Martinez.
Martinez: I better get the boat you promised.
DEA Agent: We're going to pick it up right now. Okay, so, your new name is Sven Johansson, eh?
Martinez: Sven? Do you think I pass for a Swedish asshole? Wait a minute, are you gonna send me somewhere cold?!
Victor takes a picture of Martinez as the cop car leaves the police station. Victor follows the car until they arrive at the Ocean Bay Marina, where Martinez and the DEA agent get out of the car and walk towards a yacht in the pier.
Martinez: Is this the best you could get me? I should have taken my chances with the Mendez brothers.
DEA Agent: Sir, turning states evidence isn't a lottery win. You're lucky to get this.
Victor goes to the marina and takes a picture of Martinez from the pier, and is immediately spotted by Martinez soon after.
Martinez: Hey, some idiot is taking photos of me. What kind of security is this? He could have a gun. Get me the hell out of here. You guys suck, I mean, seriously suck!
The DEA agent and Martinez flee as Victor is being chased by the VCPD. He heads to Lance's apartment and gets Forbes' DEA ID number and heads over to Print Works in Little Havana, where Lance is waiting.
Lance: Photos, Forbes' ID - cool. I'll put them together with these phoney ID papers my man just forged.
Victor: So, instead of DEA agent Forbes...
Lance: We've got agent Jerry Martinez - 1st class asshole. That should convince Mendez that Jerry was a cop.
Lance gets into his Infernus.
Victor: What if it doesn't?
Lance: Run, but don't come running after me. My ass will be up in a tree in Haiti.


There is no reward for completing this mission, but the mission Hostile Takeover for Armando Mendez and Diego Mendez is unlocked.

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