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The Mendez Building, or alternatively called the Mendez Foundation, is an unnamed skyscraper and headquarters of the Mendez Cartel in Downtown Vice City that appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The building is located in Downtown and is most likely used to hide drugs smuggled into the city by the Mendez brothers. The building is east of the Hyman Memorial Stadium and across the Hyman Condo. The flying height limit in Vice City Stories is up to the roof of the building making it a great spot for players to steal Police Mavericks mid-air while being chased by one. Even though the player can clearly see through the building and the elevators, they can't be used and the only floors visible are the top two ones. Using a Little Willie is an easy way to get into the interior. A health pickup can be found on the bottom floor.

The building's most notable appearance is during the final storyline mission of GTA Vice City Stories, Last Stand, in where Victor Vance first launches an air attack on the building with a Hunter and after getting his helicopter shot down, kills several of the Mendez goons as well as finishing off Diego Mendez and Jerry Martinez on the roof. Some time after the wiping out of the Mendez Cartel, the building was demolished and replaced by a lower one before the events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which occur in 1986.


Lower floor interior
Top floor interior


  • The door on top of the building is poorly textured after Last Stand, and appears as a multitude of coloured dots.
  • If the player enters the building's top levels with at least a 3 star wanted rating, and jumps down, they will see that Police, SWAT and FBI units will have spawned in the bottom level of the building, as if they are attempting to use the elevators, but they do not move up to the top floors.