"What kind of man are you?"
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The Men's Room is a show in Grand Theft Auto IV.


It is a talk show with two hosts that takes place in a set made to look like a men's restroom or locker room. The topics of the show include health, relationship advice, and understanding your anger. Unfortunately, though, because of Bas's intense attitude, most of the topics turn into a story about Bas's bloody experiences.


  • Bas Rutten: Former UFC champion Sebastiaan "Bas" Rutten portrays a parody of himself as the muscular, over-aggressive, bald host. Rutten also did motion capture for main character Niko Bellic's fighting moves.
  • Jeremy St. Ives: Jeremy is the effeminate host with dyed blond hair, and often gives sensible or normal advice. He is usually cut off or disrespected by Bas. He is seen as a complete juxtaposition to Bas.


The Men's Room with Bas and Jeremy (Full Screen *almost*)

The Men's Room with Bas and Jeremy (Full Screen *almost*)



  • It should be noted that as the shows progress in number, Bas and Jeremy seem to like each other more, Jeremy even loses some of his usual flamboyant traits, seemingly becoming more tough like Bas.
  • In GTA IV, Bas wears a green tank top. In The Ballad of Gay Tony, he wears an orange shirt with a white jacket.
  • Although it is highly unlikely, the show may be a spoof of a skit on The Amanda Show called The Girls' Room.
  • Bas Rutten's overly violent nature and exaggerated acts portrayed in the show is a direct parody of his self-defense DVD called Bas Rutten's Lethal Street Fighting Self Defense System.
  • The design on Jeremy's shirt is a logo of Derriere.
  • In the Grand Theft Auto V side mission Paparazzo - The Partnership, Beverly asks Franklin if Trevor was in The Men's Room, hinting that Trevor may have appeared on the show before, or it could have been a mistake on Beverly's part as Franklin's response to this is "nah-nah".
  • The Men's Room is actually a radio show currently broadcast on 99.9 KISW in Seattle from 2 PM to 6 PM every weekday. Some of their famous segments are "Bad Choice Friday", "Big Dummy", "Bad Joke Friday", "Shot of the Day", and "No S#%& Sherlock!".
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