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Ken: "This is so exciting, Tommy! It's like old times!"
CJ: "Who the fuck is Tommy?"
― Ken Rosenberg and Carl Johnson during the shootout at the Sindacco Abattoir

The Meat Business is the final mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Ken Rosenberg from the office in Caligula's Palace, a casino located along The Strip in Las Venturas, San Andreas.


Ken Rosenberg has relapsed and is high on cocaine when Carl enters. The drug gives Ken a confidence boost and he decides to venture outside the office and show the city who's boss. Ken decides to go to visit the Sindacco Family at their abattoir to visit Johnny Sindacco, who is recuperating there after being discharged earlier from the hospital.

Carl and Ken make their way to Whitewood Estates, where the abattoir is housed. When they arrive at the abattoir, Carl tries to stay behind, knowing that if Johnny recognizes him, there will be trouble. However, Ken begs Carl to come with him, his confidence faltering. Unfortunately, Johnny suffers another heart attack when Carl steps out of the shadows during the meeting and dies. The Sindaccos realize that Johnny had a heart attack due to his previous encounter with Carl, so they launch an attack on the two. Carl and Ken fight their way out of the abattoir, making sure there are no witnesses left alive before driving back to Caligula's Palace. On the journey back, Ken realizes how screwed he would be after this. Carl promises him that he would think of something to get him out of the trouble.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Take Rosenberg to the abattoir
  • Protect Rosenberg and kill all the witnesses
  • Open the freezer door for Rosenberg (if Rosie gets locked in freezer by Sindacco gang member)
  • After all the witnesses die, head for the exit
  • Drive Rosenberg back to the Casino

Post mission phone call

Catalina: I know it's you, you stinking perro!

Carl Johnson: Look, just say what you gotta say. I ain't interested in these stupid games!

Catalina: Stupid games? This is my heart you play with!

Carl Johnson: What? Look, you... Damn! Gotta change my number!


The rewards for this mission are $8,000 and an increase in respect. The missions Madd Dogg and Fish in a Barrel are unlocked.


  • Johnny Sindacco - Dies of a heart attack after seeing Carl.
  • Many members of the Sindacco crime family - Killed by Carl in order to dispose all of the witnesses of Johnny's death and to leave the abattoir.


In the Caligula's Palace office, Kent Paul and Maccer watch Ken Rosenberg snort cocaine.
Ken: Oh, (laughs) baby, I'm back! I AM BACK! Let's get this show on the road!
Paul: The good doctor has revived the patient! Sweet as, my son, sweet as!
Maccer: (not in subtitles) Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Carl Johnson enters the office.
CJ: So everything's straight now?
Ken: No! Absolutely not! I'm still screwed! Absolutely screwed, but at least now I'm in the right frame of mind. What the fuck are we gonna do? Any minute now, some Mafia bullet is going to splatter my brains all over the wall! My wall, my beautiful wall...
Maccer: Oooh, you missed a bit. I'll have that.
Tony: Forgeddaboudit!
Ken: Oh, that's a great idea, Tony, but you know what? It ain't going to work, OK?! Not this time, no way! No way...
CJ: Look, man, relax, get a grip...
Ken: Yeah, you're right! I need to get a grip!
CJ: Take control...
Ken: Yes, grab the bull by the horns!
CJ: And show everybody who's boss...
Ken: I'm the boss! I am the boss!
CJ: Alright then!
Ken: All right! Let's tear this town up!
CJ: That's what I'm sayin'! So, where we going?
Ken: Details, details! Let's just get there!
Paul: Rack them up, Maccer. What's the matter with you?
CJ and Ken head outside, get a vehicle and drive to the Sindacco Abattoir.
CJ: Okay, boss man, where to?
Ken: I gotta get out of this game. Shit, my nose is pissing like a race horse. (sniff) That is really good stuff. Drive faster, would you please? C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, what are you, an old lady?
CJ: So you trying to get out?
Ken: Yes, God, yes. I want to do something safe and legal and boring, with people that like me. And have a wife and some kids and get divorced and fight for weekend access, like everybody else.
CJ: Listen, I'll see what I can do.
Ken: Thanks, I'm just so tired of all this life and death bullshit. (sniff) Oh, shit, shit's all down my (sniff) damned shirt, and everything, ah, that's my best shirt too, doesn't this shirt look good on me?
CJ and Ken arrive at the abattoir.
Ken: Okay, let's get this over with. I'm the boss, I am the boss! I'm the boss, I am the boss! Yeah, (sniff) yeah...
CJ and Ken enter the abattoir, but CJ hesitates for a moment.
Ken: What's going on? You forget something?
CJ: No - look, you go on in, I'm gonna wait.
Ken: Uh, look, you gotta come with me this once. If I pull this off, I can carry on, I know I can, but please, you gotta come with me - I-I-I'm gonna squirt my ass all over the floor! Just this once, pleasepleasepleaseplease...
CJ: Okay, okay, chill! Shit, this can't look good. Listen, everything's gonna be OK. Just remember; you're the boss!
Ken: I'm the boss? I'm the boss. I'm the boss. I'm the boss! I am the boss!
CJ and Ken walk up to Johnny's office, guarded by a few Sindacco goons.
Ken: Hey, boys. Tell your boss that Ken Rosenberg is here to see him.
Sindacco Member #1: Ken who?
Ken: K-K-Ken Rosenberg... (sniff) Ken Rosenberg, the guy that runs this town!
A Sindacco member goes to get Johnny.
Ken: So, uh, how's Johnny?
Sindacco Member #2: He's doing much better, yeah. He ate something this morning.
Johnny: Hey, Ken...
Johnny collides into a wall with his wheelchair.
Johnny: Ah, Christ, this fucking thing... (chuckles) Ken, como esta, eh, how you doing?
Ken: Pretty good. And you?
Johnny: Ah, still got a little bit of the night terrors, (chuckles) touch of diarrhea, but I'll get through it.
Ken: Huh, diarrhea, cool! Yeah...
Johnny: And, uh, who's this?
CJ: How you doing, Johnny?
Recognizing CJ from his previous encounter, Johnny panics.
Johnny: It's fucking's him! Oh my... Oh God, it's him! (grunts) My heart! (gasp) My heart...
Johnny groans in pain as he has a heart attack and falls off his wheelchair.
CJ: Damn, that ni**a's fucked up!
Realizing that CJ killed their boss, the Sindacco members attack him and Ken and attempt to block them by throwing a molotov cocktail in the passage.
CJ: Shit, they've started a fire to keep us back! There must be an extinguisher here somewhere, find it!
Ken: Carl, leave no witnesses or we're dead meat!
Ken finds a fire extinguisher.
Ken: Got the extinguisher, I got the extinguisher! Take those guys out and I'll put out the flames! I'm gonna start up the meat track! Stand back, I'm gonna blast these flames!
Ken puts out the flames while CJ kills the Sindacco members that get in their way.
Ken: Well, what are you waiting for? Screw this, I'm gonna hide in the freezer!
While CJ takes care of the Sindaccos, Ken goes to hide in the freezer. A while later, Ken exits the freezer once the way is clear.
Ken: This is so exciting, Tommy! It's like old times!
CJ: Who the fuck is Tommy?
Ken: Holy fuck, what is it about my luck? I'm screwed!
CJ: Okay, it's clear!
Ken: Well done, CJ! Shit, this is insane! I'm never doing drugs again, never ever, ever ever!
CJ kills all of the Sindacco witnesses.
Ken: The exit's through the stock house.
CJ and Ken leave the abattoir.
Ken: Shit, we gotta get the fuck outta here! We need some wheels!
CJ and Ken find a vehicle and drive back to Caligula's Palace.
Ken: Get me back to Caligula's!
CJ: You calm down, and follow my lead.
Ken: Holy fuck, man, we work well as a team together, huh, CJ? You and me, tearing this town up, nobody can stop us, nobody in the world!
CJ: Johnny's a done deal, and so is his gang.
Ken: Too fucking right they are, dumb pussies! Oh, fuck, I'm screwed, I'm fucking screwed! What the fuck am I gonna do? Shit, shit, SHIIIIIT!
CJ: You just gotta hang in there, play it dumb. I'll figure out a way to get you out of this.
Ken: Just drop me at the airport!
CJ: Nah, man, they gotta think you dead. I'll think of something, I promise.
CJ and Ken are back at the casino.
CJ: Get in there and be cool, like you've just been out for a relaxing drive or something.
Ken: Calm, yeah, calm. I'm calm. Real fucking calm! I'm calm, Mr. Calm, Mr. Calm, that's me, Mr. Calm.

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  • As they escape the abattoir, Ken will say at one point "Oh, Tommy, this is just like old times!", to which Carl responds "Who the fuck is Tommy?". Ken is obviously referring to Tommy Vercetti and is probably still missing the days when he used to work alongside Tommy himself.
  • As they exit the place, any vehicle that has been damaged by Carl himself will be automatically repaired.
    • However, if the player arrives at the abattoir with a police vehicle, it will be locked when they leave the building after the shootout.
  • The player can fail the mission by going inside the freezer that Rosenberg is hiding in and wait until the freezer door closes. The game screen will turn into cutscene mode and the "Mission Failed!" with its failure reason "You are trapped in the freezer with Rosenberg" will display. Following this, CJ will respawn to the nearest hospital as if he was wasted.
  • Similar to the above situation, it is possible for the player to become trapped inside the freezer while Rosenberg leaves, which will not fail the mission, as Carl will yell for Rosenberg to let him out, and then the door will be opened.
  • This is the only time in the game when Ken Rosenberg appears outside of a cutscene.
  • There is a glitch in this mission. Normally, the mobster who jumps over the fire has a chainsaw. However, if the player has a chainsaw in their inventory, the mobster will have a baseball bat instead.

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