The Mainframe poster

The Mainframe is a film released in 1998 produced by Love Media with advertisements shown on the radio in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V.


It is a clear parody of The Matrix, though The Matrix technically did not premiere until 1999. Jock Cranley is one of the actors in this movie.

The movie is about five teens who take LSD and discover the 'truth'. They actually live in a computer, and they have to supposedly "make the decision of their lives". According to the script of The Electron Zone, a radio show hosted on Liberty City Free Radio, the movie has a character who saves everyone, a defecating robot, and a metaphor of backdoor hacking, which Bill praises. Co-host Steve says that, in his honest opinion, the Mainframe is the greatest movie of all time. The movie also raised some controversy over cyber-sexism.

The film is mentioned by Bobby June in Bless Your Heart, where she mentions that The Mainframe was one of Jock Cranley's several film roles before he became a politician.


Narrator: The event movie of the year everyone is talking about.

Male #1: You're just a virus! You're not real!

Female #1: I'm your mother, stupid!

Narrator: A group of people who think the whole world is trapped in a computer.

Male #2: We can't get out!

Female #2: Hurry, stick your hard disc inside my drive.

Male #2: I can't! My hard disc crashed!

Female #2: Reboot it!

Narrator: The Mainframe. What happens when five college students take LSD, and discover the truth. 

Male #1: AHH! Your face is a big pixel!

Narrator: They have to make the decision of their lives.

Female #3: What's it gonna be? Yes or no!? One or ZERO!?

Narrator: The Mainframe, it's real.

Female #3: Oh no! The MAINFRAME!

Narrator: Coming to theaters this Friday. Rated PS for "Pretty Stupid".


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