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The Love Professor is an arcade minigame available for two players in the Arcade in Grand Theft Auto Online.


The game is a Love tester machine that requires two players to begin. The machine measures the level of "love" between the two players. The meter ranges from "Ice Cold" to "Sizzlin'".


There are three challenges available in this arcade game. Special T-shirts will be awarded to the player if they manage to complete each one of them. Completing all challenges will also award a trophy in the Arcade Trophy Case.

True Love

This challenge requires the player to get a true love rating on The Love Professor. The easiest way to get this rating is by using the Nazar Speaks machine until you hear she say the line "I see true love in your future, but only if you act quickly!" (its completely random so it may take a couple of tries). Once you get this prediction use The Love Professor machine with another player as soon as possible because the "effect" can wear off.

Completing this challenge awards the player the Love Professor His Tee and Love Professor Hers Tee.

Nemesis & Friendzoned

These two challenges require the player to find his nemesis (both players get a ice cold rating) and get friendzoned (the love ratings of the two players differ by at least seven levels), respectively. The best way to manipulate the ratings you get in The Love Professor is by changing certain stats in your character, the most consistent of them being number of prostitutes visited and number of lap dances bought. Keep inviting strippers to do lap dances in your apartment while the other player waits near the machine (so his stats don't change) until you get the desired ratings. If after 9-10 attemps you still don't get the necessary ratings, then the players should switch roles and the other should start getting lap dances in his apartment while you wait near the machine.

Obs: if both players get a ice cold rating and the machine makes a freezing sound instead of a falling sound then the challenge will not be completed. Keep using the machine until the correct sound is made to complete the challenge properly.

Completing the challenges awards the player with the Love Professor Nemesis Tee and Love Professsor Friendzoned Tee, respectively.

Completing all three challenges awards the player with two t-shirts (Love Professor Secrets Tee and Love Professor Score Tee) and a hourglass shaped trophy in the Arcade Trophy Case. A copy of this trophy will also be available in the player's Penthouse to be used as decoration.

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