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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.
Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

The Almighty forgives, The Lost don't.
— Primary motto
Brothers for life, Lost forever.
— Secondary club motto

The Lost Motorcycle Club is an outlaw motorcycle club in the HD Universe of the Grand Theft Auto series operating primarily out of Acter, Alderney State in 2008, but later nationally (including Los Santos and Blaine County, San Andreas) in 2013 and onward. As of 2021, they are active on both the east and west coasts, as well as the Midwest. The vice president (later president) of the Alderney chapter, Johnny Klebitz, is the protagonist in The Lost and Damned, a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto IV and The Ballad of Gay Tony, and a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.


According to The Lost website, The Lost began in 1964 with eight U.S. Marines who met during the Vietnam War in Hanoi, North Vietnam. After the war ended, they had a continued thirst for drugs and violence. Because of this, they started the club and named it 'The Lost' in honour of all their friends who had been killed in the war.

Liberty City chapter[]

At the beginning of The Lost and Damned, the protagonist Johnny Klebitz, is the acting president in the absence of Billy Grey, who had been incarcerated for drug charges. The clubhouse is located in Acter, but neighbouring Berchem is also considered Lost MC turf. Prominent members of the Liberty chapter included the chapter's president Billy Grey, vice president Johnny Klebitz, treasurer Jim Fitzgerald, secretary Brian Jeremy, road captain Clay Simons, sergeant-at-arms Terry Thorpe, and enforcer Jason Michaels. Other noteworthy members were Angus Martin and Dave Grossman, as well as old ladies Leila Sharpe and Ashley Butler.

The Lost MC also has a presence in Broker, Liberty City, although they are apparently subordinate to the Liberty chapter leadership in Acter.

In 2008, Jason was killed by Niko Bellic, for dating Anna Faustin, Mikhail Faustin's daughter. When Billy was released, he told the club members that Jason had actually been killed by a Pole/Serb, but then he said Jason was killed by the rival motorcycle club, the Angels of Death, beginning a war between the two gangs. The Lost manage to steal a large amount of heroin from the Angels of Death and attempt to sell it, but Billy sets up an ambush to Johnny and Jim, only for Billy to be arrested again.

Johnny once again becomes the Lost's de facto president, which causes the Liberty chapter to split into two different factions, beginning The Lost Civil War. One of the factions, led by Brian, believed that the other faction, led by Johnny, had sold Billy out. Eventually, Johnny's faction wipes out all of Brian's. Johnny begins working for the Pegorino Crime Family capo Ray Boccino, and steals expensive diamonds from Gay Tony for him. He tries to sell them to the Jewish Mob but is ambushed at the deal by Tony's partner, Luis Fernando Lopez, who takes back the diamonds, though Johnny manages to take the money before leaving. He keeps the money for himself, causing Ray Boccino to kidnap Jim. Johnny saves him, though Jim is later killed by Niko Bellic. When Johnny and the remaining Lost members learn that Billy plans to testify against them, they storm the Alderney State Correctional Facility, where Billy was being held, and kill him. Afterwards, they find their clubhouse trashed, so they burn it down to put it out of its misery. The only surviving members of original Lost club still affiliated with them are Johnny, Clay, Terry, Angus, and Ashley.

The Liberty chapter manages to somewhat rebuild itself by 2009. Huang Lee is contacted by Lester Leroc, a private investigator hired by the Triads leader Hsin Jaoming. Hsin hires Lester to go undercover in the Angels of Death in order to find a traitor among the Triad's ranks. As Lester doesn't know how to ride a motorcycle, he asks Huang to pretend to be him and pass the AOD's initiation test. As part of the test, Huang kills many of The Lost MC members hanging around Angels of Death turf at Meadows Park in Dukes.

Los Santos/Blaine County chapter[]

By 2013, some members of the Liberty chapter moved west towards the rural lands of Blaine County; these members included Johnny, Clay, Terry, and Ashley. They create a new chapter and manage to establish a club hideout in Stab City, known as The Range and acquire a safehouse/front in Grapeseed along with an airstrip that they use to smuggle supplies and weapons all throughout the state.

Another chapter happens to be active in the city of Los Santos as well, mostly seen around the East Vinewood area, where they patrol in their Gang Burritos and operate a clubhouse. Some members can be seen further south in the city, all the way down to East Los Santos, as indicated by a random event. Some Gang Attacks also show that The Lost are in other parts of the city, as well. It is possible that the Los Santos chapter may have been formed in 2004 when Johnny and several key members visited the city. This is supported by the kidnapped girl in the Random Event - Snatched who states that she has been with the chapter for nearly ten years.

The Lost's presence grew throughout Blaine County with Johnny as president; however, drug use became an issue within the club. Johnny became addicted to methamphetamine and Ashley, Johnny's girlfriend, also continued her addiction, supplementing payment to her dealers, such as Trevor Philips, with sex, much to Johnny's grievance. Because of Johnny's addiction and depression over Ashley, his popularity in the club began to falter as he weakened as a leader; to the point where Billy Grey was becoming a martyr to several members of the club.

The Lost's primary businesses in Blaine County became the illegal distribution of firearms and drugs, causing tension between them and Trevor's business, Trevor Philips Enterprises. Trevor and his associate, Ron Jakowski, later instruct the GTA Online Protagonist to steal drugs from the Lost. Additionally, the Lost make enemies with the Madrazo Cartel and The Families, who also hire the Online Protagonist to disrupt their business.

Eventually, after having sex with Ashley again, Trevor is confronted by Johnny. Trevor pretends to "console" him, but then kills him in a fit of rage and drives to Stab City, killing the Lost members there, including Terry and Clay, as Trevor decides to finally become the sole firearm and drug distributor in the region. Trevor has the option to kill Ashley after he kills Johnny, but even if he does, the radio will later say that she died during a heroin orgy in a condo.

To enact revenge, the surviving members of The Lost ransack Trevor's Trailer. Trevor's response is to kill all the Lost members at the Sandy Shores Airfield and take it for himself. Later on, a new chapter moves into Stab City, promising to find the one who killed all their old members. Before they have the chance to, however, Trevor sneaks into their hideout and blows up many of their trailers, before killing the new members there. Some time later, Trevor wakes up drunk on an island off the coast of the Palomino Highlands, surrounded by dead Lost MC members, whom he presumably killed.

Afterwards, The Lost still maintain a presence throughout Los Santos and Blaine County, though significantly weakened. If they run into Trevor, they will attack him on sight. After completion of the main storyline, The Lost MC's Los Santos chapter can still be encountered in GTA V throughout southern San Andreas at:

By 2019, the Lost established a clubhouse in Paleto Bay. While buying meth in Sandy Shores, Tao Cheng is kidnapped by the Lost and held at the abandoned motel for three days. The GTA Online Protagonist is hired by Tao's translator and Tao's associate, Agatha Baker to rescue him. The Protagonist kills the Lost at the motel and rescues Tao, who is high on drugs and happy to see the player. Later on, to acquire weapons for a heist at the The Diamond Casino & Resort, the GTA Online Protagonist can attack the Paleto Bay clubhouse and steal two cases of unmarked weapons.

Later, in 2021, at the request of Trevor's associate, Chef, several meth labs owned by the Lost are destroyed by the GTA Online Protagonist.

By December 2022, the Fooliganz are at war with the Lost because they have stolen their bikes and meth. As a result, the Lost launch an attack on the Fooliganz in an attempt to wipe them out, only to be defeated. Later, while gathering some party supplies, the Lost MC attack the GTA Online Protagonist, one of the people who fought against the Lost when they tried to kill the Fooliganz, and cause the party supplies to explode. The protagonist escapes death and goes to their East Vinewood Clubhouse to steal some weed and gather some intel that will help them rob them in the future. The protagonist later steals a shipment of meth from the Lost that Labrat, a fellow Fooligan, is planning on using to create something better.

In early 2023, when Labrat is kidnapped by Isiah Friedlander's Goons, the Fooliganz suspect several gangs for allegedly kidnapping him, including the Lost.

Members and Associates[]


  • Billy Grey - President of the Liberty chapter until 2008. Arrested, released, betrayed, re-arrested and killed by Johnny Klebitz in 2008.
  • Johnny Klebitz - Vice President of the Liberty chapter until 2008. President of the Liberty chapter in 2008. President of Los Santos chapter from after 2008 until 2013. Killed by Trevor Philips in 2013.
  • Jim Fitzgerald - Treasurer of the Liberty Chapter until 2008. Killed by Niko Bellic in 2008, on the orders of Ray Boccino and Phil Bell.
  • Terry Thorpe - Sergeant at Arms of the Liberty chapter in 2008. Sergeant at Arms of the Los Santos chapter in 2013. Killed in 2013 by Trevor Philips.[1]
  • Clay Simons - Road Captain of the Liberty chapter in 2008. Road Captain of the Los Santos chapter in 2013. Killed in 2013 by Trevor Philips.[1]
  • Brian Jeremy - Secretary of the Liberty chapter until 2008. Betrayed the Lost and killed by Johnny in 2008.
  • Jason Michaels - Enforcer/Patched member of the Liberty chapter until 2008. Killed by Niko Bellic in 2008, on the orders of Mikhail Faustin.
  • Angus Martin - Patched member of the Liberty chapter in 2008.
  • Random Biker - Prospect of the Liberty chapter until 2008. Betrayed The Lost along with Brian Jeremy and was killed in 2008.
  • Dave Grossman - Prospect of the Liberty chapter in 2008.
  • Ashley Butler - Old lady of Johnny Klebitz until his death and former old lady of Billy Grey. Overdosed on crack and died shortly after Johnny's death in 2013.
  • Crack Ho - Former old lady of Johnny Klebitz.
  • Lost MC Lady - Old lady of the Liberty City chapter.
  • Willy Wetbacks - Member of the Liberty City chapter.
  • Unnamed Lost MC Biker - Member of the Liberty City chapter. Killed by Niko Bellic along with Jim Fitzgerald.
  • Al Carter - An authority figure of the Lost in 2013. If the player defeats The Lost in five Gang Attacks, he will message the player that they will put them down.
  • The Lost Girl - Former old lady of the Los Santos Chapter.
  • The Lost Fugitive - Member of the Los Santos Chapter.

Gang Warfare Members[]

These are all members of The Lost that will help Johnny in Gang Wars. They are all part of The Lost MC in 2008 and can be killed in the same year.

Grand Theft Auto V Members[]

These are other members of The Lost active in 2013. Several can be killed in the same year. Most of them are, however, mentioned in dialogues. These members include:

  • Rob
  • Frank
  • Ray
  • Tommy
  • Gary
  • Billy
  • Rollins
  • Hamill
  • Jimmy
  • Charlie
  • Mike
  • Tanner
  • Easy
  • Danny
  • Ted
  • Tony
  • Brick
  • Al
  • Buck





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Notable Tragedies[]

Before the events of The Lost and Damned[]

  • Night Hog died in 1982, as the first casualty of The Lost in their feud with the Angels of Death. Even after taking two shotgun shells to the face, he was standing up and firing his SMG before he died.
  • Mitch died in 1985 when he was having sex on a moving bike, and was hit by a freight train.
  • Bozo died in 1999 when he was shot directly in the head in a shootout with three police officers.
  • Dirty Sue died in 2001 when he was drunk while driving his motorcycle, veered into oncoming traffic and was hit by a truck.
  • Harper died in 2006 in a meth lab explosion. He had previously lost one of his ears in 2003 to a similar explosion.
  • Lil' Joe was killed at some point prior to the events of the game.
  • Horse was killed by The Lost after turning state's evidence.
  • Angus Martin is permanently crippled by an accident caused by Billy Grey.
  • Wyatt is a prospect who was caught with several kilos of heroin and quickly arrested.
  • Moose shot an undercover cop who infiltrated The Lost and was subsequently arrested.
  • Jose was caught with meth that "wasn't his" and was later arrested.
  • Henry was arrested and sentenced to three years imprisonment for assault.

During the events of The Lost and Damned (2008)[]

During the events of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (2009)[]

During the initial events of Grand Theft Auto Online (c. 2013)[]

  • A drug deal between The Lost and the Vagos in the Los Santos Canal is interrupted by the player. The player manages to kill several club members before stealing the drugs to take back to Gerald.
  • Another drug deal with the Vagos, this time under the Del Perro Pier, is again attacked by the player. They kill many members of The Lost in a violent shootout and steal the drugs.
  • The Range is attacked by the player and has several of its Daemon motorcycles stolen.
  • The player kills many members of The Lost in an effort to steal one of their vans on orders from Trevor Philips.
  • The player infiltrates the East Vinewood chapter clubhouse in an effort to steal 4 Lectro bikes. Several members are killed.

During the events of Grand Theft Auto V (2013)[]

  • The Lost enters a violent war with Trevor Philips Enterprises run by a resident by the name of Trevor Philips. The war began over the right to sell weapons and drugs in the area which Trevor claims control over but The Lost MC disputes.
  • Johnny Klebitz, Terry Thorpe, Clay Simons [1], and many other members of The Lost MC are killed by Trevor Philips.
  • The Range is infiltrated by Trevor Philips and Wade Hebert, and they plant explosives on the trailers, thus destroying the club's main headquarters (East Vinewood Clubhouse remains operative).
  • Ashley Butler dies in a heroin orgy.
  • A group of Lost MC members are presumably murdered by Trevor on an island east of the Palomino Highlands, who proceeds to pass out drunk amongst them.

During the events of Grand Theft Auto Online, from 2017 to the present day[]

Prominent Appearances in Gameplay[]

Grand Theft Auto IV[]

The Lost and Damned[]

The Ballad of Gay Tony[]

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars[]

Grand Theft Auto V[]

Grand Theft Auto Online[]

Beach Bum Update[]


Further Adventures in Finance and Felony[]




After Hours[]

The Diamond Casino & Resort[]

The Diamond Casino Heist[]

Los Santos Tuners[]

The Contract[]

The Criminal Enterprises[]

Los Santos Drug Wars[]

San Andreas Mercenaries[]

In the News[]

Notorious outlaw motorcycle gang The Lost have taken up residence in the Alamo Sea and are now terrorizing the impoverished desert community. Steve Petoria is on the scene. For years, the Lost motorcycle gang were involved in a non-stop war with The Angels of Death, raging across several states. Then came 2008's bloody civil war, that seemed to wipe them out. Now it appears they are back, and worse than ever. The gang is believed to be heavily involved in illegal arms dealing and the manufacture and distribution of Crystal Methamphetamine.


The Lost are based on the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, as referenced by The Lost's bitter rivalry with the Angels of Death who are in turn based on the Hells Angels. This rivalry parallels the real-life feud between the Outlaws and the Hells Angels. More proof of this is that The Lost MC's motto, "The Almighty Forgives, The Lost Don't", is clearly based on the Outlaws MC motto, "God Forgives, Outlaws Don't."


The Lost and Damned[]

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars[]

Grand Theft Auto V and Online[]




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  • There is a real life motorcycle club called "The Lost Brotherhood MC", based in Arizona, USA.
  • The beta name for the Lost MC might have been the "Gunthugs MC", judging from a shirt worn by one Lost biker in GTA IV.
  • There have been five presidents of The Lost MC's Alderney chapter (the last two being Billy Grey and Johnny Klebitz).
  • It's possible that members of The Lost are extorting or are employed by Globe Oil's offices in Berchem, Alderney, as Johnny refers to their rear parking lot as "Lost MC turf" during the mission, "Liberty City Choppers".
  • If the player looks at the memorial wall inside the clubhouse they can see that one of the fallen Lost members uses an Angels of Death model.
    • Interestingly, a model for a Lost biker has the Angels of Death logo tattooed on his right arm in Grand Theft Auto IV.
  • Some Lost MC members sport the Confederate Battle Flag in various incarnations in GTA IV; members can often be seen sporting bandanas, patches, buttons, and T-shirts featuring the distinctive rebel flag. Jason's model in GTA IV even sports the flag as a patch on his vest. However, members no longer adorn the flag in The Lost and Damned; it is instead seen being worn by Angels of Death members.
    • The flag actually did reappear in GTA V, hung up on a trailer in Stab City. However, the flag was replaced with an American flag in an update.
    • Two flags in Stab City can also be found with the Confederate "Stars and Bars" flag with the Lost's name and a logo printed atop of them.
  • The Lost MC's favourite radio stations are Liberty Rock Radio 97.8 and Liberty City Hardcore in The Lost and Damned, and Channel X in GTA V.
  • The Lost MC are implied to be a homophobic gang, as on The Lost website, a memorial for deceased member Harper (who was also a meth dealer) mentions that he "didn't sell to homos - which is rare in this world of hypocrites and sellouts".
    • Despite their homophobia, and the open racism of their leader Billy Grey and secretary Brian Jeremy, other members of The Lost themselves are not racist. In fact, the Lost is a multiracial gang, as at least one of The Lost members (Clay Simons) is black, and another, Jim Fitzgerald is of Hispanic descent, while Johnny Klebitz is of Israeli heritage. The same is true in GTA V, with the Lost having many black and Hispanic members. In addition, The Lost have befriended and have working relationships with the Uptown Riders, an African-American gang. Furthermore, in GTA IV, it is suggested that the Lost and the Alderney Hustlers have a good relationship, as members of both gangs can sometimes be seen casually conversing with each other, although it is unknown if the gangs have any business or alliances with each other.
  • Nearly all of the HD Universe protagonists (Niko Bellic, Luis Fernando Lopez, Huang Lee, Trevor Philips, the GTA Online Protagonist, and even Johnny Klebitz) have fought against the gang:
  • During one of the friendly hangouts with The Lost members (Johnny, Jim, Clay and Terry), Clay suggests why the motorcycle club hasn't gone national, just like The Angels of Death, Johnny ridicules the idea, saying that they'd even build a theme park. In the end, the club went national, expanding their operation in San Andreas.
  • Like the FX Television show Sons of Anarchy the founders of the club are Vietnam War veterans.
    • A civil war also breaks out within the club, much like in the show's spinoff Mayans MC.
  • Although they are enemies, in TBoGT, members of The Lost can be spotted outside The Angels of Death's clubhouse.
  • It is possible that The Lost have some sort of working relationship with the Marabunta Grande; during the multiplayer mission "Club Business," one of the tasks given mentions an arms deal "with the Salvadorans." As Marabunta Grande is a Salvadoran gang, it is possible that these were the Salvadorans mentioned.
  • In a random event triggered on a farm in south eastern Grand Senora Desert, just north of La Fuente Blanca in Vinewood Hills, Michael or Franklin can pick up a member of The Lost and subsequently become embroiled in a police chase. The biker will mention that in Sandy Shores, they are having problems with the Aztecas and "some crazy meth dealer" (Trevor). In addition, in Los Santos, the Vagos have been troublesome as well. Strangely, they don't have any problems with their blood rivals Angels of Death who were originally based on the west coast. The Lost biker calls them "history."
  • The Lost MC is first mentioned in GTA V in a Internet news article of Liberty Tree that appears after the mission Friend Request, the article mentions the civil war that happened in 2008 and that the gang is involved in arms trafficking and the production of methamphetamine in the Alamo Sea.
  • Sometimes when switching to Trevor he can be seen holding a The Lost MC member by his arms before throwing him off a bridge or threatening to shoot him on a pier.
  • The Lost MC appeared as an Easter egg in the end credits of the 2018 game Spider-Man.
  • Many members appear to be strongly patriotic (with the exception of Terry Thorpe) as the Liberty City Clubhouse has an original 13 Colonial Star U.S. Flag and many hideouts feature a standard U.S. Flag.
    • This is backed up by the fact that many members such as Jim Fitzgerald and Clay Simons are ex-U.S. Military.
  • According to The Underbelly Of Paradise, the Federal Investigation Bureau has been tracking The Lost for years as they jump from coast to coast, referencing Alderney's chapter moving to Los Santos.
  • Before 2008, the Liberty chapter (incorporating Acter in Alderney and Broker in Liberty City) was the entirety of The Lost.
  • According to Steve Haines, the FIB has been going after The Lost for years and spends more time in the Midwestern United States tracking down Lost MC members than tornado spotters do tracking nearby storms.


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