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This article refers to the Contract overview. For the Contract finale, see The Lost Contract/Finale.


Destroy The Lost MC labs, steal their last shipment of meth, and deliver it to the client.
— Contract description

The Lost Contract is a Contract featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the continuation of the Los Santos Tuners update, released on August 12, 2021, during the Vectre Week event.


The Contract can be selected if it is one of the three available contracts on the GTA Online Protagonist's Job Board in their Auto Shop.

Sessanta briefs the player on The Lost MC's background, revealing that they are heavily involved in dealing methamphetamine. She informs the player that KDJ has been expanding outside of Los Santos, with the Lost MC having competition. A rival of the Lost MC puts out a contract to have all of their meth labs dispersed throughout southern San Andreas destroyed and to have any meth they have ready to be transported to be stolen and brought to him. The player and Sessanta will need to subsequently find out where the labs are located and how the meth is being transported.

The Contract, like other Contracts, consists of two Free Mode preparation missions and one finale.


Lab Locations

Locate all The Lost MC meth labs and get explosives capable of destroying them.
— Preparation description.

Transport Method

Find out how The Lost MC transport their product and when the next shipment is due.
— Preparation description.

The Job

Destroy The Lost MC labs, steal their last shipment of meth, and deliver it to the client.
— Finale description.


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