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"You are traveling through space, you are looking for somewhere to settle-- it cannot be here. Nobody likes you and you are beginning to understand why. It's time to relax and worry, together."
— GTA IV Website

The Journey is a radio station featured in Grand Theft Auto IV. The station plays ambient and downtempo music.


The station is unusual, as its DJ is actually a Fruit Computer which speaks in a synthesized female voice. The "DJ" often mentions that "Life is actually a game" and discusses, amongst other topics, the "relationship between computers and life." The computer's dialogue includes statements which appear to be philosophical, but are instead nonsensical and meaningless. Despite it, the computer sometimes acknowledges the virtual reality of the city and breaks the fourth wall, telling listeners that they are "living in a simulation".

In Episodes from Liberty City, The Journey does not appear and is instead replaced by another ambient radio station, Self-Actualization FM.


Songs marked with ** were removed from station in future updates.


The Journey (IV)

The Journey (IV)

GTA IV The Journey


  • A Macintosh computer was used to produce the voice of the computer DJ, and the "Vicki" voice from Apple's PlainTalk speech software can be heard as the voice of the DJ.
  • This is Derrick McReary's favourite radio station.
  • This radio station plays inside the TW@ internet cafés in Broker and Alderney.
  • "Z Twig" by Aphex Twin is credited in the game as "Selected Ambient Works Volume II, CD2 TRK5". The reason for this is because the tracks on that album are not named and are instead referenced by a corresponding image.
    • The song is also featured in the "Niko Bellic" trailer on the Grand Theft Auto IV website.
  • "Pruit Igoe" by Philip Glass is featured in the "Things Will Be Different" trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV, and also plays following both endings of the game.


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