The following is a walkthrough for The Job, a mission in GTA Vice City.

It's time to pull off the Bank Job for which you've gathered a team. You will drive there, you and Phil Cassidy will hold off the place, Cam Jones will unlock the safe, take the money and Hilary King will drive you away from there to the HQ.

The gang's all set, so tool up and wheel out. Get in the taxi and follow the blip to the bank across town. Enter the bank and be calm. Head upstairs and don't shoot until security shows up. Head to the second floor and the vault and head upstairs and search for the manager, who's cowering in the office. Once all are sorted, head to the lobby and then SWAT teams infiltrate the bank. Cover and use any automatic weapons or shotguns, magnum also works. Auto-aim every SWAT then head outside and watch the getaway driver being mowed down. Again, auto-aim every SWAT, then escape using the taxi. Use the Pay N' Spray. Once you no longer have a wanted level, head to Cam's and mission completed.