The Jetty is a hotel featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


The hotel is located off Playa Vista in Pacific Bluffs, Los Santos. At the entrance, the hotel has two ramps entering the upper and lower levels of the rooftop parking lots. The upper ramp also serves as a stunt jump through the glass window ahead. Following the upper ramp is "The Jetty" signage, hanging from the roof. The car park is filled with vehicles, and pillars with hanging flower baskets are seen on either side of the lot.

The hotel itself appears as a 7-story building, 9 including both parking lot levels. The north of the complex features a courtyard with a large 3-part swimming pool, bridge, jacuzzi and many sun-loungers and parasols surrounding the pool. The courtyard is builty above the inaccessible underground car park which has two garage doors seen coming off West Eclipse Boulevard.

East of the complex is the walkway entrance to the hotel lower floors and the rear courtyard, with several brick-built tiled walls. Steps to the courtyard and to the bottom floor of the hotel come from Playa Vista.


It is based on 101 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, Los Angeles.



  • The name "Jetty" is a clear reference to the real-life Ocean Avenue hotel, both names being associated with water.
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