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Yeah, you'll never find anybody as fork-tongued as this snake ass bastard. Soon as he gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he'll whistle any tune Internal Affairs want him to.
Frank Tenpenny

The Informant is a minor character who appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


He was a former police officer turned informant who had compromising information regarding corrupt LSPD officer Frank Tenpenny. The FBI were keeping him under a witness protection program in a remote cabin on Mount Chiliad.

Tenpenny tasks Carl Johnson with silencing this informant and photographing his body as evidence of his demise in the mission Badlands. CJ drives to the cabin where the informant is being held, where he finds it surrounded by FBI agents. CJ assaults the cabin, killing several agents, and the informant attempts to enter and flee in a Washington. If he succeeds, CJ gives chase and kills him, being careful not to mutilate his head. He then takes a photograph of his body using a camera, and drops it off at a trailer in Angel Pine, completing the mission.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas



  • The Washington that the informant drives as a getaway car has a unique San Fierro license plate that reads "ASSMAN".
  • If the player manages to destroy the Washington before the informant enters it, he will stand still in the cabin and not move.
    • Also, if the player is careful enough, it is possible to approach the informant in the cabin from the side, and he will be standing perfectly still.
  • The Informant uses a generic pedestrian model, like many minor characters in the 3D Universe.