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The House of Tomorrow is an electronic business store advertised on the radio in Grand Theft Auto III, selling stuff like personal organizers and virtual reality helmets. It is also mentioned in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories on Liberty City Free Radio on the Electron Zone Radio segment as the program's sponsor.

A radio ad for the store can be heard on Double Clef FM and Chatterbox FM.

Commercial Transcript

Woman: In today's fast paced world, a split second can be the difference between achieving your dreams...

Happy Man: Hey, I just won the Nobel Peace Prize!

Woman: And not...

Redneck Man: Ooh, I wonder if wrestling's on tonight?

Woman: More Americans are realizing that if you don't have the latest and greatest technological devices, you will fall behind.

Sick Man: I didn't upgrade my personal organizer, and two days later, I was diagnosed with a terminal illness! (coughs)

Woman: That's exactly why you should come visit the friendly people at House of Tomorrow and they'll set you up with all your twenty first century technology needs!

Father: I only spent $20,000 and now I can get e-mail in the shower and surf the internet while I'm driving. I was bored stupid at my daughter's recitals and my son's little league games. Thanks to House of Tomorrow, I can play wireless head-to-head 3D virtual Poker, literally anywhere!

Woman: If it's a flash-in-the-pan technology of absolutely no use to anyone, you can find it at House of Tomorrow. Remember, only technology makes life worth living. House of Tomorrow, we'll upgrade your system, then you can upgrade your life!

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