The Hidden sign in Grand Theft Auto III.

The Hidden Sign is an Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories left by the designers for the player to find. It is a large message reading: "You werent supposed to be able to get here you know" [sic] in GTA III and the iOS version of GTA: Liberty City Stories, and "Hello Again!" in the PSP version of GTA: Liberty City Stories. In the PS2 version, the sign says, "You just can't get enough of this alley, can you?"


In Bedford Point, Staunton Island, enter the car park that was used in the mission Kingdom Come (the southwesternmost block on Staunton Island). Get a car and take it around to an underground car park right nearby. A big car like the Trashmaster or Ambulance will be useful. Seeing stairs before you, ascend, park the car on the top stair and get out. Jump onto the car and then onto the roof. Walk across the roof and jump into the nearby alley full of trees. After landing in the alley, walk towards the other end of the alley to find the sign on a wall. There is a ramp back around the corner you can use to get back out.


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