"Get some wheels to the safehouse in Saint Mark's and pick up a few friends of mine. They're hitting a bank and they need a good driver. I gave my word that you were the man, so don't screw this up."
Joey Leone

The Getaway is the last mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by Joey Leone from his garage in Trenton, Portland Island, Liberty City.


Joey offers Claude one last job - to assist a few friends of his in a bank robbery, with Claude acting as a getaway driver. The player must find a four seater vehicle and pick up Joey's friends at the Panettiere business in Saint Mark's, before driving to the Bank of Liberty branch in Chinatown. The three bank robbers attempt rob the bank, returning after gunshots, screaming and a ringing bank alarm are heard. Using either the Pay 'n' Spray in the Red Light District or police bribes, the player must lose the police and drive the robbers back to their hideout, concluding the mission.


Claude walks into the garage where Joey is fixing a BF Injection.
Joey Leone: What a ride she's gonna be, huh? Alright, listen. Get some wheels to the safehouse at St. Marks and pick up a few friends of mine. They're hittin' a bank and they need a driver. I gave my word that you were the man, so don't screw this up. Get them to the bank before five o'clock, not a minute after.
Claude takes a four-seater car and picks up the gang.
Leone: Get to the bank on the main drag.
Claude parks in front of the bank.
Leone: Keep the engine running we'll be in and out in no time.
Alarm is raised and then one to three Leones walk out alive.
Police Dispatch: All units, armed bank raid is in progress at Bank of Liberty, Chinatown.
Leone: Get us out of here!!
Claude takes the gang member(s) back to the safehouse.


The reward for completing the mission is $10,000 per surviving burglar, up to $30,000 if all three were safely delivered to their hideout.



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  • Joey says that Claude must pick up the robbery team by "five o'clock", but they have about 2 minutes to get the robbers from their hideout to the bank.
    • The player must be at Joey's Garage between 5:00am-14:00pm to start the mission, otherwise a message pops up: "Come back between 5:00am-14:00pm for a job."
  • On occasions, three robbers storm into the bank, but only one or two leave, implying the robbery had not gone smoothly, as they may have been killed or were abandoned. In some rarer instances, all three can perish, which will result in instant mission failure after the robbery is over, though the player will not receive a wanted level. Technically, this variance depends on the manner in which they respawn from within the bank, and may or may not differ between each replay.
  • Using a Coach/Bus to pick up the robbers will not work.
    • Similarly, using any vehicles that do not meet the capacity requirement will make the robbers not to exit their hideout until a suitable vehicle is used.
  • Sometimes after the robbery has finished, the door may remain ajar and the player can get in. The interior is solid, but there isn't anything inside. It will remain open for the rest of the game.


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