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Yo, it's nighttime. Time for the Funktipus to take you through it. Time to get funky! I'm a funk junkie.
— The Funktipus

The Funktipus is a radio personality in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Bounce FM. He is voiced by legendary funk artist George Clinton.

Unlike his fellow DJ/pimp Johnny "The Love Giant" Parkinson, he doesn't live with his parents and he can actually obtain the girls. Like his voice-over actor George Clinton, the Funktipus is African-American and is a believer in classic funk.


  • The Funktipus may be a reference to, or even a continuation of, the Funkapus; a character introduced by George Clinton in "Prelude", the opening track of Parliament's The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein.
  • During some of his radio chatter, he quotes lines from songs by Clinton's musical ensemble, Parliament-Funkadelic.
    • One of these lines is "funk upon a time", which comes right before the mention of the Funkapus in "Prelude".