"Put on your flight suit and aviators and fire up the afterburners! Test your piloting skills in this low-flying point to point air race for the Western Besra. Start in the Tongva Hills and race through Chumash above the Great Ocean Highway, then buzz a sharp loop around the Fort Zancudo tower on the way up Lago Zancudo. Now you too can pretend you're a Vinewood marine."
―-Race description

The Flyby is Rockstar verified air race featured in Grand Theft Auto Online. It is available for up to 8 players.

This race was added on 14 October 2014 as one of 5 official Runners Up in the Rockstar Social Club Flight School Creator Competition.





  • The Flyby title is a nod to the popular 90's ace piloting movie, "Top Gun."
  • A Hollywood Marine is a Marine whose boot camp is on MCRD San Diego, in California.



"Another great, high speed Jet Race with good variation. Highlights include dangerously low flying sections over the rooftops of Chumash beach houses and under bridges as you skim the water in Lago Zancudo, which are separated by a highly technical number of tight turns around the tower of the Fort Zancudo Military Base."
— Social Club


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