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I have put together this ship to their exact specifications.

The Final Frontier is a Strangers and Freaks mission in Grand Theft Auto V given by Omega to protagonist Franklin Clinton after the 50 Spaceship Parts have been collected.


Franklin will meet Omega inside his laboratory in a trailer park near the RON Alternates Wind Farm. He congratulates Franklin for collecting the spaceship parts and opens his garage to show Franklin his reconstructed invention with the last part. When Omega leaves the garage, Franklin can take the Space Docker, a special and unique vehicle in the game. The player will win the achievement From Beyond The Stars after completing the mission.

The mission can't be replayed afterwards, due to it being just a cutscene and having no objectives or medal challenges.


The road leading into the trailer park passes by a trigger point for a random event (near the purple dinosaur). The event is a suspect being pursued by a LSPD officer. If this event is triggered, the trigger point for Omega is disabled (he disappears) because the chase goes right by his trailer. The only way around this (other than dealing with the event) is to leave the area and wait until the Omega icon reappears.

Video Walkthrough[]


GTA 5 PC - Omega Spaceship Parts Location Guide Strangers and Freaks



  • Although the Space Docker appears to be something Omega made up, the device created from the 50 spaceship parts appears to be genuine, as it hovers on its own for a few moments and glows. The nature of the device is never explained.
  • Although the spaceship parts can be collected by any protagonist, this mission is exclusive to Franklin.


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