For the neighborhood in Grand Theft Auto IV, see The Exchange. For the mission in Grand Theft Auto III, see The Exchange (GTA III).

The Exchange is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given to protagonist Victor Vance by Ricardo Diaz from his mansion on Starfish Island, Vice City.


Victor Vance was ordered to steal some of Gonzalez' drugs by Diaz, and Diaz has made a deal with the DEA, sending his men to a meeting with the DEA. There, his men will give them 200 kg's of the cocaine and in return, the DEA will give them heavy guns. Victor and a goon drive to the meeting point at the car park in Downtown, but are ambushed by Gonzalez' goons, who kill one of Diaz's gang members on roof tops using Sniper Rifle's. Victor then clears out the place and kills all the enemies before the DEA arrive. When the deal is made, Victor drives the truck with the guns to Diaz's mansion while being chased by Gonzalez' men, but he manages to make it.


(Diaz, two of his men and Victor in his mansion.)

Ricardo Diaz: Let me try. Tastes fine. I can't tell. Ah, Vic! Thank you, lord! At last, someone who isn't the missing link.

Victor Vance: Hey, Diaz.

Ricardo Diaz: Let me try. If I wanted to snort milk, I'd go suck a damn cow! Dickhead. Don't cut it so much!

Victor Vance: What are you doing?

Ricardo Diaz: I'm playing both sides. I make a little deal with the DEA. I hand over 200 kilos of that cocaine you and Quentin stole from Gonzalez... In exchange, they gonna give me some serious guns. Not like this toy...

(Diaz fires a pistol bullet.)

Diaz's goon #1: Holy...

Victor Vance: OK...

Ricardo Diaz: [laughs] But first, we cutting the cocaine, so they get 200 kilos, and I keep the rest, comprende? But we gotta get the mix right. Let me try. Perfect... All right, bag it up and load it into the truck for Vic, but leave a little out for me. I gotta unwind...

(Victor and a goon outside.)

Diaz's goon #1: The boss had me come along in case you decided to drive off with his merchandise. Come on, let's get to the deal.

(The duo drive to the meeting point.)

Diaz's goon #2: Just in time, senior. The DEA will be here any minute with our guns.

(One of the goons gets shot by a sniper.)

Diaz's goon #3: Look out! Snipers, they're all over! The deals gonna be ruined. It's all Gonzalez' men!

(The deal is completed and Victor and the goon drive back to Diaz's mansion, being chased.)

Diaz's goon #1: Come on, senior. We've got the guns, but we're not home free yet.

Post mission pager message

Gonzalez: Vic. My old friend. I'd appreciate your help one last time. Please... Please...


Upon completing the mission your rewarded $1,750 and unlock the mission Farewell to Arms.


  • One of Diaz's goons uses the same face model as Marty Jay Williams.
  • A glitch will occasionally render this mission uncompletable. After picking up the weapons truck, when Victor pulls out of the alleyway, one of Gonzalez's cars may spawn directly behind the truck and fire at it nonstop, causing it to catch fire and blow up within a few seconds.

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