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[[Category:Locations in GTA IV in Algonquin]]
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[[Category:Locations in GTA V in Los Santos]]
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The Emissary is a luxury hotel chain appearing in the HD Universe.


The hotel chain owns two branches located in the main cities of Liberty City and Los Santos.

Liberty City

The branch featured in Grand Theft Auto IV is a fifteen-story hotel located on the intersection of Columbus Avenue and Manganese Street in Star Junction, Algonquin, Liberty City. The hotel is inaccessible to Niko Bellic and plays no role in the storyline whatsoever.

It is based on Plaza Hotel in Manhattan, New York City.

Los Santos

The branch in Grand Theft Auto V is an eleven-story, located on Elgin Avenue and Vespucci Boulevard in Pillbox Hill, Los Santos, near Legion Square. Known businesses located at this hotel branch are Vankhov Jewelry, Kronos, Frenchie's Restaurant and Zorse Leatherware. The building is not accessible during the events of the game.

It is based on the Millennium Biltmore Hotel of Los Angeles.


  • The hotel's name could be a Star Trek reference, because The Emissary is the name of the very first episode of Star Trek Deep Space 9.

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