The Emerald Isle is a casino located on the northernmost part of The Strip in Las Venturas, San Andreas.


The casino is the tallest building in the city, with a total of 30 floors (99 m). A parachute can be found at the top most point on the Emerald Isle's tower. The Emerald Isle also contains a parking garage with a helipad, both of which can be accessed by the player.

The Emerald Isle also features the largest parking structure (10 floors) in the state of San Andreas.


  • Cane - On the entrance facing The Strip
  • Flowers - In the gas station immediately north of the casino
  • Two Rocket Launchers - One in the parking area, on the 8th floor, in a corner, the other one on the lower rooftop, near/below the helipad

Stationary vehicles

  • Maverick - On the helipad (does not spawn everytime).
  • Various random cars in the parking garage:
  • Occasionally, Coaches spawn in the parking lot, humorously blocking the driveway and going over the divider.





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