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The Snakehead

The Da Nang Thang is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, for Mountain Cloud Boys leader Wu Zi Mu.


Carl bumps into Woozie just as he is about to leave his apartment. Suddenly, Little Lion, a Triad gang member, calls Woozie and informs him of the Da Nang Boys having arrived on a freighter ship on the San Fierro Bay and have brought along some Vietnamese refugees and locked them in a container.

Carl rushes to the apartment's roof and meets Little Lion who is about to fly towards the ship with his Maverick. Carl enters the helicopter and the two fly over to the ship in the middle of the bay. Carl, prepared for the attack, starts killing every Da Nang Boy he spots with a minigun and after a brief moment, one of the Da Nang Boys manages to shoot down the helicopter with a rocket launcher. Little Lion is killed while CJ survives the attack, but loses all his weapons, and some of his health, leaving him with only a knife.

Carl boards the the ship and kills several Da Nang Boys, continuing his way around until he finds the prisoners and frees them. One of the refugees tells him where The Snakehead, the Da Nang Boys' leader, is located. Carl makes his way to the Snakehead, killing all enemies in the way. During the fight, Carl kills the Snakehead and then meets up with the Refugees. They lower some dinghies into the water and escape after gratefully thanking Carl for everything he did, leaving Carl alone on a dingy.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Take out the Da Nang Boys on the ship
  • Swim over to the freighter
  • Make your way down to the hull of the ship. Be as quiet for as long as possible
  • Take out the refugees' guard
  • Shoot the padlock on the front of the refugees' container
  • Leave no one alive on the bridge
  • Kill The Snakehead
  • Go back and meet the refugees. They will lower some dinghies into the water


The rewards for this mission are $15,000 and increased respect. If the mission Toreno's Last Flight has been completed, the mission Yay Ka-Boom-Boom is unlocked.



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  • Although Woozie is informed that the Da Nang Boys have just arrived in San Fierro on a container ship, the ship has been anchored on the bay since the start of the game due to it being a static object.
  • Regardless of how accurate the player is with the minigun, the gangster with the rocket launcher is invincible; therefore, the helicopter will always be shot down and Carl will lose his weapons collection.
    • Even if the player shoots the missile, or the missile misses the helicopter, the helicopter will still be destroyed.
    • In addition, the helicopter in the PC version is actually sunken but not exploded. It's invincible after the crash and will not sink further. If one were experienced enough, they could use a Sawn-off shotgun and boat to push the helicopter onto the beach, collect it, fly it back to a big garage and save it, then go back and complete the mission normally.
  • The sword fight in the mission is similar to the mission Cash In Kazuki's Chips in GTA: Liberty City Stories, in which Toni will be prompted to engage the enemy in the same way and is free to choose any weapon he wants. However, Toni's fight is harder due to the presence of heavily armed guards that will attack Toni when he pulls out a firearm and Kazuki is low on health.
  • Even if the player is unarmed or has a different melee weapon, Carl will automatically receive a knife after the helicopter is shot down.
  • On rare occasions, due to the ship's height, a plane may crash into it, resulting in the death of The Snakehead and his guards. This causes Carl to automatically meet up with the refugees.
  • During this mission, it is impossible to get a wanted level. Accessing impound garages will cause nearby officers to shoot the player but no wanted level will be attained. Accessing the Easter Basin Naval Station can cause FBI Ranchers to spawn on the road, but not chase the player.
    • In addition, one can access the locked region of Las Venturas and Area 69 freely. However, if the player flies an aircraft over their airspace, the SAM sites will fire on the player regardless of wanted level and can waste them.