In the Platypus. Dave Bosoy is being whipped by an unknown woman, while Niko Bellic calls him out. Hossan Ramzy calls Niko Bellic to prepare boat for docking, and Niko Bellic and Hossan Ramzy leave.
Dave Bosoy: Daddy's back, you bitches... Daddy's back you bitches!
Niko Bellic: Dave, come on. Come on Dave.
Hossan Ramzy: Niko? What are you doing?
Niko Bellic: Dave is not coming.
Hossan Ramzy: Ah ignore him. Come on we got to get this thing ready before we dock. Let's go.
Niko Bellic and Hossan Ramzy walk around the Platypus, discussing about the 'land of opportunity'.
Hossan Ramzy: Here, pass me that. There. Whooh yeah! There she is... Liberty City!
Niko Bellic: Yeah.
Hossan Ramzy: You ever been?
Niko Bellic: No.
Hossan Ramzy: Crazy place, Niko.
Niko Bellic: What you going to do?
Hossan Ramzy: I might come back on board... or I might try to make a go of it. Like they say, it is the land of opportunity. I always wanted to make it big... own a nice place, get a dog, a house... live the dream!
Niko Bellic: Like my cousin.
Hossan Ramzy: Oh yeah?
Niko Bellic: Yes - he's got the lot - house, women, cars, parties... he writes me in his wild emails, and after I got into trouble, I thought maybe uh... and then I got this gig, and I spent the next seven months with you fine people and I forget... After the war finished, I couldn't get a job, nobody could... so I, uh, did some dumb things and got involved with some idiots...
Hossan Ramzy: Ahh, we all do dumb things... that's what makes us human.
Niko Bellic: Could be.
Niko Bellic leaves the Platypus, and Roman Bellic comes in his taxi and greets Niko Bellic.
Niko Bellic: Hey...
Roman Bellic: Niko! My cousin! I can't believe it! You're here!
Niko Bellic: Hey!
Roman Bellic: Welcome to America!
Niko Bellic: Good to see you, cousin.
Roman Bellic: What?
Niko Bellic: Good to see you, man - what, you forget our language?
Roman Bellic: Uhhh... cabbages? Maybe a little. I've been here 10 years! You can speak English. Remember, we learned off the English girls with the big...
Niko Bellic: Hey, a little... not so good.
Roman Bellic: Ahh, youll be fine. Better than my Serbian. So good to see you cousin. I can't believe you made it! Ha! Shit... I have to tell you I had quite a night last night. Two women! The land of opportunity. I've made it! Shit, man, I'm still a touch drunk.
Niko Bellic: A touch?
Roman Bellic: My cousin is here!
Niko Bellic: Woah! Roman, Roman, come on, come on, relax.
Roman Bellic: We're going to rule the world!
Worker 1: Yeah, yeah, whatever, buddy. Just take over the world someplace else, alright?
Worker 2: Yeah, buddy!
Worker 1: You're in the Goddamn way!
Worker 2: Take off!
Roman Bellic: Screw you... screw you all! My cousin is here!
Niko Bellic: Hey, come on, man!
Roman Bellic: Niko Bellic! He's the fucking man, bitches!
Niko Bellic: Roman, come on, let's go... to the mansion, eh?
Roman Bellic: Yes, the mansion! Whoa. Maybe you should drive...
Niko Bellic: Maybe I should.
Roman Bellic: Okay!
Niko Bellic: Okay. Hey is this a cab? Where's the sports car?
Roman Bellic: Err, it's in the shop... come on!
Niko Bellic drives to Roman's apartment.
Roman Bellic: Drive us to our place on Mohawk, it's just up the road. I'll let you know when we're there.
Niko Bellic: Why don't you show me around the city?
Roman Bellic: Fucking terrorists.
Niko Bellic: What?
Roman Bellic: Terrorists. There's been a big scare and you can't go across the bridges so good. You, without a visa, I would stay in Broker. Fuck it, stay in Hove Beach. Everyone like us does. Niko, you ever had two women at once? Four big titties to be playing with? I thought I had died and gone to Heaven, man.
Niko Bellic: I can't prove that I have.
Roman Bellic: Cousin, it's been too long... you should have come out earlier. Think of all the girls you've been missing out on!
Niko Bellic: Our country has women too.
Roman Bellic: Yes, but only locals. Here, we have white, black, the Puerto Ricans and the Asians, Europeans on vacation... scared Canadians, bored housewives from the Midwest - every possible choice. The city is like a big Uder Milken Ice Cream shop: thirty-six flavors of titty. Hove Beach is our little corner of Eastern Europe.
Niko Bellic: What a charming image. Hove Beach, next to the docks. Immigrants here do not make it very far from the boats they come in on.
Roman Bellic: No, everyone seems happy where they are. It reminds them of the Black Sea or something - people leave home to hang around the people they ran away from, very odd. Is just temporary for us though. Our sights are set from the top. Mansions in Berchem, penthouse in Algonquin... a model on each arm - me and my cousin Niko, rulers of the world!
Niko Bellic drives past Roman's car depot.
[These dialogues will play in random]
Roman Bellic: We are passing the cab office, Niko. This is the business that will take us to the top of the pile.
Roman Bellic: That is my cab depot, cousin. It is where I make all the money.
Niko Bellic and Roman Bellic arrive and enter the safehouse
Niko Bellic: This is the mansion?
Roman Bellic: Just a temporary place. The mansion is coming, cousin. That's the dream... follow me. Come in, come in! Make yourself at home... what's mine is yours! Got him! Little bastard. If he paid some rent I wouldn't care... Oh... shit... oh, that's not nice... Ah, cousin, it's so good to see you! Yeah! Hmm... Shit... well, I needed to change anyway... So!
Niko Bellic: So... So... So, you full of crap, or what?
Roman Bellic: What?
Niko Bellic: Where's luxury condo? Where's sports car? Where's Barbara with big titties and Stephanie who sucks like a vacuum?
Roman Bellic: What you talking about?
Niko Bellic: In your letters to my mother, in your letters to me... all I hear about is Mr. Big, Mr. Roman, living the American dream. Sports cars, condos, women, money, the beach... opportunity! I come here, and the only thing big about your life is the cockroaches.
Roman Bellic: That's right. I got the best cockroaches, I got the best dirt!
Niko Bellic: Screw you, you idiot!
Roman Bellic: Okay, I'm an idiot, but you must admit I have the best line in bullshit you ever heard.
Niko Bellic: Yeah, this I know. Asshole.
Roman Bellic: But here, all I needed was one good guy. One good guy, I could do well. Not take over the world, but do okay. Now, maybe I have this. But what about you? What about you, cousin?
Niko Bellic: What? What about me?
Roman Bellic: Well... why you leave home after all this time? First, I hear you're running with the wrong kind, then I hear you joined the merchant navy, now you're here. You never tell me anything.
Niko Bellic: Huh. No.
Roman Bellic: What do you mean no?
Niko Bellic: No, I never tell you anything. Another time.
Roman Bellic: Oooh, mystery man... strange and exotic sailor! What happened? Did your captain made you pregnant?
Niko Bellic: Screw you! No, no, it's nothing like that. The ships were fine. It was before that, two things. You remember, during the war... we did some bad things and bad things happened to us. War is where the young and stupid are tricked by the old and bitter into killing each other. I was very young, and very angry. Maybe that is no excuse... Roman? Roman! Are you sleeping, you fat fuck? Come on!
Roman Bellic: Huh! No! No way! What's the time? Shit... I've got to get the cab back. It's on a shift. Oh, Jesus! Tastes like a rat shat in it...
Niko Bellic: Roman...
Roman Bellic: Niko, I've got to run, come meet me at the cab office.
Niko Bellic: Jesus... what?
Roman Bellic: It's easy. Out the door, turn left, and the first left at the diner,
Niko Bellic: What are you talking about? I don't...
Roman Bellic: go down one block and turn right on Iroquois,
Niko Bellic: I'm new here...
Roman Bellic: then walk all the way down and we're right there on the left on the corner of Cisco Street.
Niko Bellic: what are you talking about, man?
Roman Bellic: It's really flash. We got lots of titties and some incredible motors... Niko. Give me a hug. Good to have you here cousin... I've got something for you.
Vladimir Glebov calls Roman Bellic and Roman Bellic leaves the apartment.
Roman Bellic: Oh, damn... damn, damn, damn! Yes, Vlad, sorry, forgive me, okay, no... no. Please don't cut my cock off, eh? Oh, okay, bye... yes, no, uh, okay.
Since this mission will restart immediately when failed, there are no fail cutscenes and dialogues in this mission.

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