The Clymenus Suite is a safehouse in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, unlocked upon completing the mission From Zero to Hero


After ripping off a large amount of cocaine supposedly belonging to Jerry Martinez, Lance Vance, confident that him and his brother Victor Vance were finally rich, bought an apartment for himself in Ocean Beach, and a suite in Vice Point for Victor.

The suite is the most extravagant of the safehouses available in the game, far superior to 101 Bayshore Avenue and The Compound safehouses. holding more room to walk around. Features of the hotel suite include two floors, a large window offering a spectacular view of the fairground and Chunder Wheel across the street (you can also fire sniper bullets from here and conditions on the street remain consistent with how they're left when you enter the suite, i.e. parked vehicles remain visible, police presence remains, etc.).

It even has a roof with two helicopter pads, on top of one which you can buy a Little Willie for $5,000. A Bovver '64 Hovercraft can be purchased for $4,500 at the dock behind the safehouse. The garage can store up to three vehicles. When 100% game completion is achieved, the player can use the TV inside to watch all the storyline cutscenes. According to the signage outside, the hotel where the suite is is called the "Midland Hotel".

By the time of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, set two years later, the suite, alongside the entirety of the Midland Hotel, have been demolished and replaced with low-rise apartment blocks, which apparently share the same design as 101 Bayshore Avenue.





  • According to the game manual, the Clymenus Suite costs $225,500.


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