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Joe: "These people are criminals who threaten our way of life and drive down our property prices."
Josef: "Они думают, что могут приехать сюда в поисках лучшей жизни для себя и своей семьи. Это противоречит Конституции! (English: "They think they can just walk in here in search of a better life for themselves and their families. It's unconstitutional!")"
Joe and Josef on the "undesirables"

The Civil Border Patrol is a Strangers and Freaks mission in Grand Theft Auto V for protagonist Trevor Philips. It is the first in the Minute Men mission series.


At a fuel depot along Joshua Road in the Grand Senora Desert, Trevor happens across Joe and Josef peering into an abandoned Surfer. When Trevor approaches, Josef immediately accosts him and, in Russian, demands to see his passport. Eventually, Joe breaks in and explains to a confused Trevor that Joe and Josef are members of the Civil Border Patrol, a group of private citizens working to keep America free of "illegal" immigrants. Joe states that he sees in Trevor a fellow patriot and asks him to join Joe and Josef. Trevor agrees.

The three take Joe's Park Ranger to the nearby Yellow Jack Inn where Joe believes immigrants are hiding. When the three arrive, Trevor enters the Yellow Jack but finds no immigrants inside. However, once he emerges, he spots two mariachi singers in a Mariachi Tornado. Trevor and the Civil Border Patrol pursue the mariachi until finally the musicians are subdued. Joe thanks Trevor for his service, at which point the mission ends.

Mission Objectives

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Mariachi My Ride - Steal the band's Mariachi Tornado after stunning them
    • Do this before the mission ends, you can listen to the dialog while in the stolen car.
  • Stop the Music - Stop the band within 40 seconds
    • Use Trevor's special ability and start shooting once you are out of the inn. Trevor can avoid the chase altogether if he can deal enough damage, forcing the mariachis out.
    • It is advised to shoot the Mariachi Tornado's tires as soon as possible.

Weazel News

A group of vigilantes calling themselves, The Civil Border Patrol, are attempting to combat illegal immigration in San Andreas's Alamo Sea region. Police and Liberal commentators have both attempted to make the group stop its actions, but so far to no avail.


  • In the PC version, if the player steals a car just as the mission ends, they will gain a 1-star wanted level which does not go away until the player quits the game and restarts it.


Video Walkthrough


GTA 5 PC - Minute Men (Civil Border Patrol) 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough



  • Joe and Josef keep driving around randomly if the player keeps following them after they put the two mariachis in their car, until the player drives away from them.
  • Around the end of this mission after stunning the mariachis, the player can steal the Mariachi Tornado for use during free-roam.