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The Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company, or simply Cherry Poppers, is a brand of ice cream featured in both the 3D Universe and HD Universe of the Grand Theft Auto series.

In the 3D Universe, their mascot is a character called Whoopee the Clown, sometimes referred to as Mr. Whoopee, which is also the name of the ice cream van used to distribute their products.


3D Universe

The main building of The Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company is located in Little Havana, Vice City.

After the mission Shakedown, the player can purchase the factory and save the game there.

In 1986, Tommy Vercetti buys the factory and the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company from former owner Maude Hanson. Tommy initially bought the factory believing it to be an actual ice cream factory, but upon finding out that the ice cream is a front and that the factory actually distributes drugs, Tommy starts using the company trucks to sell his coke shipments in the streets. After selling 50 units in a row, $3,000 can be picked up outside the factory.

It is unknown when the company was founded, as the factory is present in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (set two years earlier in 1984) but there is no indication as to whether it is owned by the company, as the ice cream scoops on the roof are absent.

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the company is also present. "Family size" tubs of Cherry Popper ice cream can be found in convenience stores all across San Andreas. The player can also see ice cream vendors selling ice cream on stands around the state, where some ice cream can be bought for $1 to replenish health.

HD Universe

The business is still running as of 2013 and has greatly expanded to locations in Liberty City and Los Santos.

The Cherry Popper Ice Cream logo appears on the side of Mr. Tasty ice cream trucks in Grand Theft Auto IV and tubs of Cherry Popper's ice cream can be seen in the fridge of the 69th Street Diner.

The Cherry Popper advertisements and freezers can also be spotted in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


3D Universe

Vice City

HD Universe

Liberty City

Los Santos


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, The Cherry Popper "family size" ice cream tubs can be seen inside freezers at 24/7 and other convenience stores. Only two flavors can be identified:

Image Name Description
CherryPopper-GTASA-ChocolateChunks.png Chocolate Chunk Unknown flavor ice cream, which contains chunks of chocolate.
CherryPopper-GTASA-RaspberryRipple.png Raspberry Ripple Might have raspberry flavor or contain chunks of the fruit (or both).

Other flavors exist in ice cream vendor stands, and they can be seen on a small menu hanging on the stands' umbrellas ("Ices n' Prices"). However, the words are in very low resolution and are virtually unreadable.

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online

24/7 and LTD Gasoline convenience stores contain The Cherry Popper freezers which contain ice pop packs of products that can be clearly identified.

Image Name Description
CherryPopper-GTAV-Barfs.png Barfs Cream ice pop with green frosting with chunks, resembling vomit.
CherryPopper-GTAV-ChilldoXtreme.png Chilldo X-TREME Cream ice pop with red frosting; has a phallic shape, as "Chilldo" is similar to dildo.
CherryPopper-GTAV-ChocolateChuffy.png Chocolate Chufty Cream ice pop with chocolate frosting. Chufty comes from chuft, a slang for "excited"[1].
CherryPopper-GTAV-CreamyChufty.png Creamy Chufty Cream ice pop with cream flavor frosting.
CherryPopper-GTAV-ChocolateStarfish.png Chocolate Starfish Cream and chocolate ice pop; has the shape of a star(fish) as the name suggests, with a mouth and eyes made of chocolate.
CherryPopper-GTAV-FreezeSucka!.png Freeze Sucka! Unknown flavor ice pop with the shape of a gun. Its shape and name are a reference to what some robbers shout when announcing a stick-up.
CherryPopper-GTAV-OrangOTang.png Orang-O-Tang Cream ice pop with Orang-O-Tang flavor frosting.
CherryPopper-GTAV-ÜderMilkén.png Üder Milkén Cream ice pop with Üder Milkén milk flavor frosting.

There are numerous other products with other flavors; those can be seen in menu below, and are mostly results of partnerships with other candy companies.

Save Glitch

In the first PS2 version, the save point inside the garage of the Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Company is known to corrupt the player's save file if they save there. It is unknown what factor in the game causes this glitch and the glitch does not seem to happen all the time, but for safety purposes players should save the game elsewhere instead. This was fixed in later copies of the game.



  • The company's name and slogan ("You'll always remember your first") is a reference to the loss of virginity, another example of Rockstar's sexual jokes.
  • The Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory must be bought by the player in order to complete all four of the Sunshine Autos' car import list as Mr. Whoopee will never spawn unless the factory is bought.
  • In GTA San Andreas, the Cherry Popper vendor stand was intended to be maintained by an obese man wearing clown attires (cosplaying Whoopee the Clown); however, he was replaced by an old African-American man from Chilli Dogs. The clown pedestrian still appears inside a Mr Whoopee at the beaches.

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