The Celtica Hotel is a hotel chain in the HD Universe, with branches in Liberty City and Los Santos.


Branch Description Image
Liberty City In Grand Theft Auto IV, the Celtica is a five-star hotel located on Kunzite Street, Star Junction, Algonquin. The branch is based on The W Hotel in Times Square or the 1567-1569 Broadway, New York City. The hotel is also featured in under the Hotels section. TheCelticaHotel-GTAIV
Los Santos In Grand Theft Auto V, a branch of the hotel chain can be found at the intersection of San Andreas Avenue and Strawberry Avenue, Pillbox Hill, Downtown. This hotel is modeled after the Chester Williams Building of Los Angeles. It also incorporates a Crucial Fix restaurant. CelticaHotel-GTAV


  • The hotel chain is named after "Celtica", an academic journal devoted to Celtic studies.
  • The Celtica logo is actually from a Celtic cross, a combination of a cross surrounded by a circle. It is a characteristic of Celtic Christianity, although the first Celtic Cross, found in a cave in the French Pyrenees, goes back to earlier periods (10,000 BC).
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